3 Biggest Mistakes When Trying to Lose 30 plus Pounds

In a rush to lose 30 plus pounds? You must read this!

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Trying to lose 30 plus pounds in time for your wedding?

Summer coming fast and you’re still not at your comfortable weight?

Frustrated with the 30 plus pounds of weight still to lose?

Well, I have good news for you! This blog may very well be your missing piece to jump start your weight loss efforts.

So let’s find out the 3 biggest mistakes when trying to lose 30 plus pounds. Followed by simple solutions on what to do instead to start getting skinny now!

Weight loss mistake #1: Unrecognized Leptin Resistance

What is leptin resistance?

As one gains weight, our master hormone, leptin rises. The fatter one gets the more leptin the fat cells release. The longer this goes on, the more resistant the brain gets to leptin signaling. This signal is called Leptin Resistance, and it spells disaster for anyone looking to lose belly fat. When you are leptin resistant, you are always hungry, have insatiable cravings and apparent need to eat all the time. Leptin controls all energy production in the body.  Without energy, everything fails. Leptin tells the brain when you’ve had enough food. Leptin decides whether to make you hungry and store more fat or regulate your hunger/satiety and burn fat. This is important when you want to lose 30 plus pounds.

How do you know when you are becoming Leptin Sensitive?

  • Your hunger and cravings will become less and eventually disappear.
  • You’re able to tell when you are hungry and when you’re full.
  • Your clothes will fit looser, and your right loss will occur if you continue the program.
  • Your sleep efficiency improves and you wake up refreshed.
  • You feel calmer.

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Simple Solution: Get Leptin Sensitive 

Your 1st priority to shedding weight is to become Leptin Sensitive. Doing so will allow you to effortlessly, burn body fat while you sleep.

Get Leptin Sensitive. Follow the Fit ‘n Healthy Diet and adjust with these steps:

  1. Eat as soon as possible upon rising. This means having your dinner by 6 pm. Make sure your breakfast consists of 50 grams of protein, 1 tbsp of added fat, with moderate amounts of above ground vegetables. A higher protein breakfast is KEY to reset leptin.
  1. Eat 3 meals a day. The goal is NOT TO SNACK. Not now, not ever. If you are hungry before lunch, add a little more fat to your breakfast. Same goes for lunch if you find you cannot make it until dinner time.
  1. Limit carbohydrate intake to 25 grams per day. This can be easily done by choosing ‘non-starchy, fibrous’ carbs as your source. If you are fit and have less weight to lose, you can have a little more. You know you’re on the right track if your hunger and cravings go away.

Weight loss mistake #2: Dehydration!

Being dehydrated stops your weight loss efforts, right in its track! Not to mention the fatigue, constipation and the ‘heavy’ feeling that comes with that.

Simple Solution: Drink 1 litre of water for every 50 lbs of body weight. Drink first thing in the morning and between meals. Don’t miss this simple solution!

Try this: Start your day with one full litre of pure, filtered water.

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Weight loss mistake #3: Not enough sleep

Not enough sleep automatically sets you up for insulin resistance. This is one of the reasons why you crave sweets or energy drinks. Lack of sleep also reduces your natural ability to ‘burn calories.’ That is why, no matter how little you eat, you still gain weight! Having the motivation and drive to exercise requires good sleep. We all know, ‘the right’ exercise can dramatically change your body shape. Stay tuned for my future blog post on exercise and weight loss.

Simple solution: Get 8 to 9 hrs of uninterrupted sleep per night. Again, super simple yet super important!

Here’s how:

When you finish dinner by 6 pm and asleep by 10 pm, the hormone, prolactin is released. Prolactin is the trigger for growth hormone (GH) release. GH decreases abdominal fat while simultaneously increases your lean muscle mass. High prolactin leads to optimal DHEA levels, another important hormone responsible for optimal body composition and healthy longevity. For premenopausal women, this is also a big deal. Adequate levels of DHEA and GH maintain a female reproductive cycle.

How to lose weight for a wedding

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