3 Ways to Avoid Company (house guests) Overwhelm and Stay Healthy

3 Ways to Avoid Company Overwhelm and Stay Healthy. 

Company staying over and feeling overwhelmed?

Looking for ways to enjoy your time together with more ease and peace of mind?

You’re not alone. Lots of people struggle with company overwhelm and how to be the best host to overnight guests. 

Many of us love the idea of hosting friends and family visits over the holidays, however, with all the excitement comes a feeling of stress and overwhelm.

Did you know the feeling of company overwhelm actually sends a signal to your brain that switches you into survival mode?

The result is that You become BRAIN FOGGED and COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. 

Not only that, stress closes off the more creative parts of our cognitive processes and instead, opens the door to fatigue, moodiness, and unwanted illness.

Certainly not helpful when you are looking to make a good impression and be a capable host!

Here are 3 ways to get you through company overwhelm and have a healthy, happy experience.


Often times we become stressed when we have too much dialog in our heads.

Sometimes, in conversation with others, we are too busy thinking about what we are going to say next, or we’re focused on our ‘to do’ list, that we miss what they are actually saying.

This is when practicing our listening skills comes in handy. Next time you are engaged in a conversation with someone, think about listening more and speaking less. 

You’ll notice things you may not have picked up otherwise. Ultimately enriching the experience leading to greater happiness and connection with others.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by things like cooking for all your house guests, delegate!

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. 

In fact, you’d be surprised at how much fun your guests may have simply helping out.

Take my most recent experience for example,

I had guests over for an extended stay and one day we all came back late, from the beach. It was time to get dinner ready and one of my guests asked what she could help with.

In the end, she arranged a nice veggie platter that kept the remaining hungry guests satisfied while we pulled together the rest of the meal.

This was good learning for me and something I will remember to implement for the next time.


I get it. It can be tough to practice self-care when family or friends are staying over.

It feels important to put their needs above yours and entertain them all the time. However, this can be very draining to you in the long run, perpetuating stress and an unwell, ‘yucky’ kind of feeling.

Instead, I would encourage you to carve some time in the morning for yourself, before you help others.

Let’s use myself as an example –

I love to start my day, with some quiet time journaling, while enjoying my delicious morning coffee.

Next I practice a mindful, meditative short whole body stretch. About 15 minutes is all I need.

Doing this simple morning routine sets the stage for a great day and being the host I like to be.

If my guests are active, we plan a hike, walk, or gym time. If they are not active, I try to slip into our home gym and spend 20 minutes lifting weights or taking a quick morning hike.

I feel great. My energy is high. They feel it and get vibrant and energized too! Win! Win!

There you have it, 3 ways to avoid company overwhelm and stay healthy.

The idea is to enjoy having your guests over almost as much as they enjoy their visit.

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