5 Foods To Keep You Warm and Healthy

There is nothing like sitting down and having a meal that leaves you feeling warm and healthy. Here are five foods that will accomplish this goal.

  1. Homemade chicken soup. This is not only a healthy soup but also great for colds and flu. Served as a meal, it brings back memories of childhood and those snowy days of long ago. As a broth, it can sooth sore throats and is the best medicine for healing as well as providing a restful sleep.
  2. Homemade vegetable soup. No matter what vegetables there are on hand, adding a can of chicken soup and a can of tomato sauce or better still some homemade broth and there’s the makings for a soup that is healthy, hearty and full of nutrients. Serve it with or without elbow macaroni and it will leave you feeling sated as well as warm and fuzzy inside.
  3. If you prefer a heartier soup, add fresh ground turkey instead of stew type meat. Turkey has less fat and adding vegetables will make this a more desirable and healthy soup for even the man in your home.
  4. Another warm and healthy meal is chicken cacciatore. Remove the skin from the cutlets. Add a can of any type of vegetables, fresh or frozen vegetables as well as a can of tomato sauce and a can of sodium free chicken soup or better still some homemade broth. It may be cooked in a crock-pot or a saucepot whichever is easier. Either way, this is one meal all will absolutely love and crave on those cold winter nights.
  5. Eggplant parmigiana is another wonderful and healthy dish. Utilize low fat mozzarella and prepare the sauce from the tomatoes in your garden or purchase a can of sauce at the local supermarket. This favorite dish can be easily stored in containers. This can make for a hearty lunch or dinner with a nice side salad.

There are a myriad of recipes online, which can be printed out and saved for the winter months. Perhaps you have your own recipes handed down from generation to generation. Treat the whole family to these exquisite meals that are not only healthy but are guaranteed to make you feel warm all over.