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Get sound advice. Have support through others. Feel part of something bigger.

Sound advice here

I know for me, getting Fit n Healthy started with a proven plan that included sound advice, where I saw results fast and for the long term.

I know first hand what it feels like to be constantly thinking about how to eat, move, and live to look and feel GOOD AGAIN!. I tried them all! None worked because I felt deprived of the foods I loved and obsessed over the scale, to the point of having to starve myself to ‘lose weight’. But then I gained it all back again – and then some. Yuck!

Gee, where’s the plan that was simple and easy to do that allowed for enough food to eat and wide enough selection to enjoy? One that also included an after-work glass of wine? A plan where I didn’t have to spend hours in the gym just to ‘burn off extra calories to lose weight’ and instead, exercise that I actually liked to do to get to my ideal shape?

Good news is, I now have this plan and ready to share it with you. I created it myself because it wasn’t already out there. Sure, there are bits and pieces of ideas floating around out there about our best diet, movement, and healthy lifestyle tips, but no complete, step by step plan.

Believe me, developing this plan was no quick and easy task either. It took me a couple of decades to figure this stuff out and piece it together. I literally spent multiple hours a day, researching and clearing out all the chaos and clutter, coupling ancestral health wisdom with modern-day science that made sense. Thank goodness I am a very curious person. I never stopped until I figured out ALL THE MISSING PIECES. Something that I am known for today. 

ONE OF THE BIGGEST MISSING PIECES WAS – When I had an opportunity to work with, Bob Proctor, an internationally renowned speaker, to create the ‘Perfect Weight Nutrition Plan‘ in his book, The Science of Perfect Weight’, I learned the importance of how having the right mindset is the starting point to getting anything you want. From having your best body and health to being the best Mom or Dad, Grandma or Grandpa, Co-worker, or leader. 

Which is why I always start here – Cultivating a healthy mindset.

It works too. I’ve had many other mentors along the way like Ben Greenfield, Mike Mutzel, Brendon Buchard, Dr. Jack Kruse, Dr. Jack Tips, Dr. Cate Shanahan, Craig Ballantyne, and all the expert Doctors from Seroyal including Dr. Dickson Thom, Dr. Mikheal Adams, Dr. Robert Abell, and Dr Nigel Plummer. They’ve all had the biggest influence on the creation of the Fit n Healthy Plan that has helped thousands of men and women achieve a Fit n Healthy Life nurturing your mind, body spirit with a whole-body approach to mindblowing health and physique. NO MATTER HOW BUSY YOU ARE! 

I’ve used this plan on myself and thousands of clients over the last 20 years and THEY were the ones telling ME to get this stuff out there! Why? Because they were struggling just like you are now, and for the first time, have their body, health, and lives were even better than they EVER thought possible.

Which brings me back to why I created Fit n Healthy. To help people just like you get your body and health back quickly and for the long term. This plan encompasses a whole-body approach to health (heck, just the importance of how daily sunlight can help maximize lifespan is worth its weight in gold)

Which is one of the ways this Fit n Healthy differentiates itself from all the other cookie-cutter so-called ‘Diet Plan’s. I am constantly shaking my head with what’s out there – SO MANY MISSING PIECES AND MISINFORMATION!

Get the TRUTH here!

I say that with a cocky voice because what I see so many Health plans that are marketing BS! They are falling short of KEY points that make ALL the difference to enjoying a youthful appearance, all-day energy, happy mood and ideal weight! WHY? Because they are not addressing what really moves the dial – Hormone balance. And not with a synthetic pill either. Instead, a brand new STRATEGY to eat, move and live that balances your hormones so you look and feel well balanced too!

There are no missing pieces. ‘No stones left unturned’ as my client Brandi likes to put it.

The other reason this plan works is how well they are STRUCTURED. Done in a way that’s a step by step and easy to digest. Starting with the most important step that sets the stage for the next one, and so on

Ready to jumpstart your way to a healthier, more robust body? Get it here! 

4 Ways to Join 

#1 Join my NEWSLETTER 

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After starting on this path you’ll look back and wonder why no one else has put this together because it makes such perfect sense!

Feel part of something bigger

You don’t have to do this alone!

Join the Fit n Healthy Community!

We want to see you succeed. Which is why we have a Facebook group page and direct support line for all my clients and students. Our ever-growing Facebook community is comprised of fit and healthy folks, all of whom serve as great people to collaborate with, glean wisdom from, and mutually support on your path of implementing the strategies and teachings of this training.

Consider this a simple, strategic, approach to supporting your whole body – delivered right in your inbox!

Who this is for

  • If you are stuck and can’t break through your excessive body weight and have tried different diets in the past that were unsustainable, unrealistic, and just plain boring – my content is for you!
  • If you don’t have problems with excessive body weight but would like to stay at your Ideal Body Weight for life by building a solid foundation getting healthy, strong, and confident while keeping it simple and enjoyable – this content is also for you!
  • If you wake up tired, worn out, moody, and know this is NOT REALLY YOU! Then THIS content is definitely for you!
  • If everyone around you seems to be falling prey to sickness, disease, and illness, and you want to take control of your health, then THIS content is also for you!
  • If you are concerned with the possibility of certain unexpected health setbacks that could keep you from the exercise you love, then THIS content is going to really give you the tools to avoid these..
  • Perfect for any age, any gender.

This info is for someone with a strong desire to be healthy but keeps falling off track.

Who wants to optimize whole-body health, including body, mind, and spirit.

Struggling with the best intentions to make the right healthy choices THIS TIME, but by midday, fail AGAIN!

Needs accountability and motivation to really make your healthy changes stick.

Ready for a fresh start that’s simple!

Fit n Healthy is an accumulation of 20 years of being in the trenches helping thousands of people all get their health back!


Being healthy really does mean jumping out of bed, excited about your day, having the energy to tackle anything that comes your way, and have fun doing it! It also means looking in the mirror happy with the little steps you’ve made to better your appearance, get to your ideal shape, feel confident in your clothes, and heck, feel sexy again!

What Fit n Healthy is About

  • An accumulation of 20 years of experience as a Nutritional Consultant, Detox Specialist, Fitness enthusiast, and Health Coach in the trenches seeing literally thousands of people get fast and long-lasting results, learning what works and what doesn’t work.
  • A simple yet super effective set of steps that will serve you looking and feeling great for a lifetime.
  • A ‘no hold’s back’ raw and real approach, laying simple truths about why we feel so artificial and how to get back to what the human body is supposed to eat, move, and live. A way that is not BS marketing but true health to look and feel naturally attractive, alive, and well again.
  • A community full of like-minded folks who all want to get and stay Fit n Healthy. 

What Fit n Healthy is NOT About

  • My content is not about dieting regimented exercise routines. useless pills or supplements.
  • I’m also not a big fan of the “Eat in moderation” type of advice! You’re too smart for that BS!
  • This information is not about any dogmatic nutrition trend that is hot now but will be rejected or even forgotten in the future!
  • Just sound nutrition, movement, and healthy living advice that has worked for thousands of others. And it will work for you too. I guarantee it!

A quick breakdown of the 7 areas I continually focus on bringing to you

MINDSET – The body follows the mind. Miss this part and nothing will work for the long term.

DIET – Everyone talks about ‘getting your macro’s right’, however, what about the ‘micro’s’? Getting the right ‘micronutrients’ to make the biggest difference in your appearance, daily energy, and happy mood.

DETOX – Let’s face the facts. Toxins drive inflammation in the body. Get the toxins out, put inflammation at bay. Results? No aches and pains, better brain, youthful appearance, and one of the most important things you can do to prevent illness, disease, and gosh forbid – sheer depression!

DAILY ROUTINE – Get the simple things you can do to balance your hormones to set the stage to reach your ideal weight, end moodiness, and get your best sleep.

DIGESTION – You are only as good as what you can digest. Feel clean and lean again with smooth digestion.

SLEEP – Deep restful sleep is one of the most important things to achieve a fresh look and feel, all-day energy, fat loss (especially around the belly), better recovery from exercise, and longevity. 

EXERCISE – Get the top tips to tone your muscles, shape your body, and feel strong and confident again.

For 1 on 1 help, Michale Hartte also offers Personalized Nutritional Plans that include 

  • Your Best Diet 
  • Rejuvenating Detox 
  • Rebalancing Hormones with Daily Routine
  • Plus a whole lot more! 

A fresh and new diet and lifestyle approach designed for those who want to fuel their body with real food, for real results, that last a lifetime.

Whether you’re someone looking to drop those extra pounds (when everything falls off the rails after work), raise a healthy family (be their role model and help them get healthy), get your health back as an administrator or executive (be more productive at work and make more money), the Fit n Healthy platform, offers both a community setting or 1 on 1 help to get your best diet and lifestyle with proven strategies to reach your personal best!

Join the Fit n Healthy Community!

Go to askmichale@gmail.com and simply provide your first and last name. 

Be part of something bigger.

Simple Solutions for a healthier, happier life.

Real food. Real-life. Real truth. Real simple.

Fit n Healthy provides 1 on 1 or Group Personalized Nutritional Plans that include Diet, Detox, and Daily Routines.

Fit n Healthy’s Michale Hartte BASc (Nutr), NNCP, CH offers ON LINE Nutritional Consulting for individuals from all around the world. She creates Personalized Nutrition plans, performs phone and Zoom consultations, and can assist you with nutrition, supplementation, fat loss, muscle building, performance, sleep, digestion, and how to raise a healthy family. All to get YOUR BODY BACK!!! 

Go here to check out all your options for working with Michale.

This website is designed to …

In today’s fast-paced world, to get Fit n Healthy, we need a strategy that works. I believe a successful strategy needs to be simple and in line withnature‘. If it’s too difficult or complex, you simply won’t continue. Additionally, if your overall strategy is not built on real foods, effective, gentle detox, and connection to yourself and your environment = it’s doomed to fail.

Finding your best diet

Living a healthy lifestyle includes finding your best diet. We are all unique in our nutritional needs and should plan our diet accordingly.

Safe and easy detox

Detox is essential to health. There is evidence that most disease is caused by the 100,0000 chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. From the ‘hormone disruptors’ in our cosmetics to the ‘toxic particulates’ in the air we breathe. Toxins can be a culprit for:

  • ● low energy
  • ● headaches
  • ● weight gain
  • ● skin disorders
  • ● cancer
  • ● diabetes

Consuming a good diet just isn’t enough. Detox is essential for anyone who wants to be healthy.

Healthy lifestyle

For those struggling with belly fat, incorporating your best diet with daily detox is part of the picture. Other parts include moving outside, spending time in the sun, having healthy relationships, proper digestion, and good quality sleep.

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