Why I’m Different

What makes me different than other experts out there?

I find the missing piece stopping you from getting Fit and Healthy within these 7 areas.

  • I believe getting Fit n’ Healthy is more simple than most people realize.
  • I believe the first step to getting Fit n Healthy is to STOP looking for the next shiny pill or latest fad diet and START doing these 7 areas which are fundamental to getting healthy 
  • I believe it’s critical to remove the blockages that are preventing you from self-healing. Common examples include nutritional deficiencies, excessive toxicity, blood sugar imbalances, and undetected infections.
  • I believe being only 1% better every day and being consistent is how you will be Fit n’ Healthy for a lifetime.
  • I believe there is no such thing as ‘falling off the plan’ because this is not a diet or a life of deprivation – it’s a way of eating and living with a lot of fun and pleasure.
  • I believe you can heal anything when you understand YOUR body, what it needs, and learn to listen to it.

My plans include the 7 areas that are foundational to getting you Fit n Healthy for life. These 7 areas include – Mindset, Diet, Detox, Daily Routine, Digestion, Sleep, and Exercise.

I believe the body has an innate intelligence to heal any health condition and that our body is governed by Natural Laws which hold the answers to lifelong health, wellness, and vitality.

Let me show what a healthy diet and lifestyle is and how to get there using simple solutions.

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Why Choose Michale – Nutritionist