APRIL IS CLEANSING MONTH! Your spring cleanse made easy. Will you join me?

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Happy Spring time, all you Fit n Healthy’s! It’s time to cleanse! Will you join me? I’m starting a ‘Fit n Healthy 30 Day Spring Cleanse’ and you’re invited!

If you’re like me, I am a BIG fan of following the Natural Laws of Health to get and stay healthy for the long term.

In fact, the very foundation to these laws rests on Natural Circadian Rhythms. Everything in nature has a cycle.

Look to your environment. Spring is a time of regrowth and renewal.

Why cleanse?

We all have toxins in our bodies that are holding us back to being slim and sexy. Have poor digestion? Look to toxicity. Uncontrollable food cravings (for ‘bad’ foods)? Look to toxicity. Headaches? Menstrual cramps? Brain fog? Adult acne? Seasonal allergies? Yup – toxicity!

The good news is – You don’t need to suffer!

The time is NOW – to RESET your body.

Cleanse the easy way – Craft your days and live your life in sync with nature

I truly believe, health comes easily when you align yourself with your natural rhythm or cycle. Some examples would be:

  • Getting your 8-8.5 hrs of solid sleep in the springtime (9.5 in the winter months).
  • Drinking 1 litre of filtered water first thing in the morning (facilitates everyday cleansing).
  • Having a ‘protein rich’ breakfast and lunch (optimal time to properly digest protein is before 3pm).

This is just a snapshot of what you’ll learn in the next 30 days.

Join me and be part of my team to do this ALL TOGETHER! So much more fun in groups, isn’t?

Your ‘Fit n Healthy 30 Day Spring Cleanse’

The entire month of April will be dedicated to ‘cleansing the easy way’.  I’ll be posting information on the ‘do’s and don’ts’ to cleansing. Most importantly, I’ll  teach you how to cleanse safely too (my specialty)!

Will you join me?

Wanna have some fun? Stay on track? Take your health to the next level (or two)  – then please join my group! Here’s how:

You can find this information here on my blog, at facebook Fit n Healthy Nutritional Consulting or stay connected by joining my email list info@fitnhealthynutrition.com (insert subject line: Add me to your list).

Group benefits

As part of my group, you can get your questions answered, share what works for you (or doesn’t ), or simply leave your comments. The best part of all thisIts all FREE!

We can talk about healthy ‘poops’, favorite cleansing drinks, what to do if you’re detoxing too fast. All those fun topics.

Welcome to your ‘The Fit n Healthy 30 Day Spring Cleanse’. Glad you can join me!