High blood pressure normalized in just 2 weeks – 5 Tips

I just had a client come in reporting that his high blood pressure normalized in just 2 weeks on the Nutrition and Detox Plan I personalized for him.

He was actually quite shocked that it worked so quickly.

‘My numbers have been 120 over 80 and have stayed this way now for the 30 days that I’ve been on your plan’. 

Needless to say, he is very, very happy.

He says, ‘I don’t even feel deprived or hungry. It’s so easy to stick with’.

If you suffer from high blood pressure yourself, or know of someone who is, this may help.

Fixing high blood pressure is important.

Here’s why……..having high blood pressure increases the risk of having a fatal stroke, heart attack, cerebral hemorrhaging, and renal failure. 

Not something you want to play around with.

High blood pressure (hypertension) primary causes:

Dr Russell Marz in his book, Medical Nutrition, lists the primary causes of high blood pressure:

  1. Low Fiber. 
  2. High sugar diet
  3. Food sensitives
  4. Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism
  5. Low EFA status
  6. Obesity
  7. Low calcium and/or magnesium status
  8. Cadmium and/or lead toxicity
  9. Smoking
  10. Vitamin E toxicity

Signs and symptoms of high blood pressure (hypertension)

According to Dr Marz, in general there are no symptoms unless the person’s blood pressure goes very high.

Although, he’s found some of his patients signs and symptoms included dizziness, headaches, and fatigue.

All of these signs and symptoms were exactly what my client was experiencing. In fact, he had a headache most days! 

These are some of the exact words he used to describe how he felt before starting his Nutritional and Detox Plan

‘I use to wake up in the middle of the night and just felt that my body was, PISSED!”

‘I couldn’t feel full and had to snack all the time’

‘I use to sweat all the time because I was so hot’

‘My hands where puffy when I’d lift up a bar’

Here’s what he thought he was suppose to do to fix his high blood pressure

  1. Have breakfast first thing in the morning. Even if he wasn’t hungry yet
  2. Spend an hour on the treadmill to improve his ‘cardio’
  3. Drink milk 
  4. Eat 5 times a day

Here’s what I recommended that helped fix his high blood pressure

  1. Eat 3 times a day, no snacking. Begin to eat only when hungry. Stop when just about full. EAT STOP EAT (this is an actual book title). Incredible tip for dropping his extra weight too.
  2. Follow my 4 Steps to Creating Your Healthy Meals. This way of eating included higher fat, moderate protein, low carb, and rich in what I call ‘super foods'( bone broth, sea vegetables, herbs/spices, fermented foods, prebiotic foods, sprouts, and foods high in polyphenols). Big weight loss tip too.
  3. Drink enough water for your body weight. Start with 1 litre of water and drink the rest between meals. He reported THIS was game changing for him. And yet another weight loss tip.
  4. Weights first, THEN cardio after. Start with a warm up (about 5 min rebounding, a walk outside, or on the treadmill), engage in some light stretches, then 20 min max of weight training. NOW go do your cardio (20 to 30 min max instead of the 1 hr he was previously doing). This was the other game changing tip that worked for him. You guessed right. Another weight loss tip.
  5. Detox. I placed him on a set of UNDA liver and kidney drops to begin clearing the toxicity from his ‘fat burning organs’. This safe and easy detoxification method is called, Biotherapeutic Drainage. You actually feel GOOD on them (unlike other detox plans, where if you feel really BAD on them, they are likely BAD for you). Is this another weight loss tip? Yup. A missing piece in most weight loss plans.

In summary,

He now reports that he feels like he did 3 1/2 yrs ago (full of energy and ready to rock it). He doesn’t feel like snacking at all anymore (very satisfied), He doesn’t feel the stress like he use to (and on occasion, when he does, he knows how to handle it). He’s not hot anymore or sweating all the time.

He know what to eat and why.

Plus, he LOVES his UNDA drops.

He reported he felt the difference being on them. He feels they made a difference in getting his health back on track.

If you know of anyone else suffering with high blood pressure, please share this post.

Or course, like anything, results do vary.

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