Calmer and happier boy in just one day with gut detox

Got cranky, angry, over emotional children? It may not be their fault. Its the bugs. Time for a gut detox.

Bugs? What bugs? Detox for children?

Yes, bugs and gut detox.

This is exactly what I said to one of my latest clients. This Mom was concerned about her 6 yr old son who was exhibiting anger, emotional agitation, and bowel issues (constipation). 

After my initial assessment, I designed a customized diet, detoxification plan and 3 lifestyle tips to work on – you guessed it – the bugs. The result was a calmer, happier boy. Happy parents too.

Here’s what you need to know about mood.

Welcome to your microbiome – the bugs within your gut

I explained to her that we’re made up of 90% more non human cells than human ones.

These non human cells (bugs) collectively called, the microbiome, are a miniature world that live in your body.

Many of which flourish in your gut.

The gut – brain and mood connection

The type of bugs that live in your gut largely determine our mood.

This gut/brain connection is now grabbing more attention thanks to science based books such as Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride’s book, ‘Gut and Psychology Syndrome‘, Justin and Sonnenburg’s book, ‘The Good Gut‘ and Dr. Raphael Kellermen’s book ‘The Microbiome Diet’  

I’ve personally read them all and found one of the biggest take away’s was the importance of taking good care of our ‘good bugs’.

Eat and live in a way that nourishes the good bugs.

Detox the gut to take out the ‘bad bugs’.

As weird as that may sound, these bugs not only dictate your mood, they also:

  • dictate your food cravings and appetite 
  • influence your immune system
  • affect your energy and mental function
  • largely determine your body weight

The secret to happy and healthy

Cutting edge science has shown that a balanced microbiome is the secret to healthy, happy people, according to Dr. Raphael Kellmen.  Research reveals that when your microbiome goes out of balance – you are out of balance.

What happens when things go wrong

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride has found that those exhibiting mood disorders like excessive anger, depression, emotional dysregulation of sorts, have excessive amounts of toxins sitting in their gut. This leads to an accumulation of neurotoxins (brain toxins) produced by the bugs that are then absorbed through the gut wall and taken directly into the brain.

Toxins → absorbed through the gut wall → into the brain → mood disorders and other symptoms

Put another way, an overgrowth of ‘bad bugs’ is one causative factor driving the ‘bad behavior’.

Sounds like a stretch? I don’t think so. 

Sure, there are obviously other factors however, we can’t discount the health of the microbiome.

Got a good gut or bad? Take the quiz 

To know how good (or bad) your guts are, take the following quizes

Inadequate digestion quiz

Candida quiz

Parasite quiz

Calmer, happier boy in just one day with a gut detox

The Mom came to me shortly after our first visit beaming with joy.

‘My son is calmer, happier and has normal ‘poops now!’

‘Even my husband is sold and I’ve been working on getting him on board for a very long time’.

‘We couldn’t be happier’

Here’s what I did 

Customized Diet – Remove and replace

The Customized Diet removed all the gut irritants and replaced with easy to digest foods. The new diet consisted of quality meats, fish and seafood, an assortment of vegetables, nuts and seeds (properly soaked or sprouted), non gluten grains (limited and properly soaked or sprouted only) and fruit (limited and whole fruit, no fruit juice). 

Customized Detox – Liver, kidney, gut detox

The Customized Detox protocol I use was designed by Dr Mikhael Adams. It works to safely remove toxins from the main organs of toxic elimination: liver, kidney and gut. He has a protocol for children and one for adults too. Is SO EASY! Consists of simply placing UNDA drops in water. Take twice a day. Boom Done. Easy compliance. Results speak for themselves.

The detoxification method is called Biotherapeutic Drainage.. Safe, easy. No side effects. Used for all ages because it only assist the body in doing it’s own detoxification. A process we all naturally do. When you have undesirable signs and symptoms it’s because the organs need help with detox. This is the magic in the UNDA drops. 

Supportive Supplements – Soak up and restore

Sponge it up. Anyone going on a detox or ‘cleanse’ really needs to use a sponge to soak up the toxicity. SUPER IMPORTANT! If not, the toxins are recirculated back into the body and you feel sick. For children, I use Liquid Chlorophyll drops. Adults I use Chlorogen caps 

Reinoculate with good bacteria. Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchee, or other fermented vegetables like beets are natural probiotics. They contain their own living cultures of bacteria, which give your body the good bugs they need. Alternatively, you can supplement with a well researched, clinically proven probiotic. I don’t take chances and only supplement with probiotics that are proven to work. Which is why I like the Genestra Brand. For this boy, I used HMF Intensive powder

Lifestyle – 3 tops tips

The other tips I gave were only 3 to focus on

  1. Drink enough water (starting with 1 cup first thing in the morning)
  2. Take the time to chew your food
  3. When feeling the urge to go to the bathroom – GO

BONUS ONE: Get to sleep early (no electronics in room) and keep a regular routine.

That was it and it worked.

Hope this was helpful and please pass this on to anyone else you know struggling with their mood. 

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