Healthy Baby After A Miscarriage With Best Health Possible

In May 2007, I heard Michale Hartte speak at a local health food store and knew she was the one to help me. With the fear of a second miscarriage, I wanted to make sure that when it came down to conceiving my next child, my health was the best possible. When seeing Michale, she […]

Healthy Baby After Miscarriage With Simple To Follow Eating Plan

I came to Michale Hartte wanting to have a healthy baby with the fear of the previous miscarriage. I had been seeing a Naturopath, an Acupuncturist, and now, needed some dietary and supplementary guidance. After meeting Michale Hartte, she put me on a simple-to-follow eating plan with supplements to improve my digestion, balance my hormones, […]

My Baby’s Infection Is Gone – Plus I Feel Sssooo Good!

Hey Michale, my baby’s infection has gone! Today is Isaac’s first day, where he looks like he may be getting better, he can actually see out of his eyes (my baby’s infection is gone)! Thanks for your help again. Oh, and I am actually feeling and doing great on the specific no grains diet that […]

Healthy Toddlers And Babies On HMF Probiotics – Hunter Wilson

Severe Spasmodic Cough (what looked like whooping cough) – Hunter Wilson Was Healed With Michale’s Natural Remedy Protocol! What a scare I had when Hunter Wilson, my 15-month-old son, started having these awful coughing spells where he was wheezing with a hard time catching his breath. He had a fever, wasn’t napping and was crying […]

Haven-Anne Gets Relief FAST From Bad Baby Cough With Michale’s Protocol!

My 5-Month-Old Haven-Anne Gets Relief FAST From Bad Baby Cough And Irritability! When I first contacted Michale, I asked for the HMF Baby Probiotics I used in the past that helped Haven-Anne have regular bowel movements and a normal colour. Since coming off the HMF Baby Probiotics, her bowel movements returned to being green. On […]