Cholesterol Is Down And I Have Lost 22 Pounds On Your Plan!!!

Just wanted to let you know, I had my Dr.’s appointment yesterday and my Cholesterol is down from 5.98 to 5.21… and the ratio is better.

Also, when I met with my MD yesterday (Dr. Suciu), who originally recommended I look for a Nutritionist, I took my Fit ‘n Healthy book and all the supplements you recommended and told him I was impressed with your approach and knowledge.

He looked at all the stuff and was also impressed, and took your name and will likely be referring people to you.

He does that a lot for patients apparently, but when he recommended it to me, he did not have a name of a Nutritionist to recommend.

As you know I got your name from Carol at Dr. Swetlikoff’s office. So, I hope you get some business.

Dr. Suciu is very refreshing and is open to alternative medicines.

Also, I touched 182 lbs yesterday, down 22 pounds from the start (in about 3.5 months).


Ken Daviss
Kelowna BC