Just fruit for breakfast while on a cleanse? Good or bad idea? Find out here!

Wondering what your best breakfast should be, while on a cleanse?

Already following the ‘fruit for breakfast’ cleansing diet advice?

Well, I am here to bust a myth! 

he ‘just fruit’ for breakfast – in my opinion is a really bad idea


The answer lies within your body’s natural cycle.

Natural Body Cycles and Nutrition

All living things have naturally built in biological rhythms that follow an internal pattern or cycle. And, these cycles have very precise times set by the Laws of Nature. The cool part is, knowing these cycles can really help guide your food selections, exercise routine, sleep and wake times too!

Align yourself to your natural cycle. It’s the easiest way to get healthy and stay that way.

Here’s the 2 major cycles at work,  the meridian organ clock and pH (acid/alkaline balance).

  1. Meridian organ clock

Waking up between 1am and 3am? Look to your liver. This is a good example of using the Chinese Acupuncture ‘Meridian Organ Clock’ to understand what is causing you to wake up. In this example, targeting the liver while on a cleanse would be a wise strategy to help you overcome waking up at night and get you sleeping more soundly again.

  1. pH (acid/alkaline) 

Crave sugar? Tend to get energy slumps during the day? Look to the adrenals. This is a good example of understanding the connection between your pH cycles and your food selections. Eating just fruit or refined carbohydrates like donuts or pancakes for breakfast disrupts the bod’s natural pH cycles and is far less than optimal for those who want to build strong immune systems, have energy and be productive.

The Simple Solution? – Eating a good amount of protein, as part of your breakfast and lunch stops the cravings and keeps your energy high for the day.

The reason is, the body’s natural morning cycle is heading more towards an ‘acid’ swing, from an overnight alkaline state. The acid state is what gets you out of bed. It’s what moves you into action and productivity!

On the other hand, if you eat ‘just fruit’ first thing in the morning, it pushes the body back into the alkaline state when the body’s natural cycle is more acidic. Furthermore, this inhibits the digestion activity of future meals (causing gas, bloating, abdominal distention). It also leads to ‘sleepy brain’ or ‘brain fog’ lending itself to low productivity and the reach for sugar, caffeine or other stimulants to get through the day.

What’s your best breakfast?

For breakfast, make sure you have a good amount of protein.

Still want fruit? Sure, just make sure you add in your protein powder and/or nuts seeds to make a great smoothie. Other good choices include 2 or 3 organic or free range eggs with a few slices of pasture raised bacon, along with non starchy, fibrous vegetables. These would be primarily your above ground veggies. Add some healthy fat like butter or avocado and you have yourself a ‘Fit n Healthy’ breakfast.

When to eat starchy carbohydrates

Save your starchy vegetables or grains as part of your dinner when you want to ensure a good night’s sleep. Carbohydrates are more alkaline and have a sedative effect. These foods support the cleansing of the acidic metabolic waste during sleep. Always add a little protein and healthy fats to each meal to keep that balance and stay on the Fit n Healthy Track!

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