Detox for Optimal Health in the 21st Century

Informational Talk with Michale Hartte

Health in the 21st Century Requires a New Model

for Detoxification.

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The game has changed from

extracellular matrix to the

intracellular life processes.


If you don’t go into the cell, you can’t get well‘ 

Dr. Pompa (advocate for intracellular healing)



Natural Detoxfication – The Body’s Way of Self-Cleaning

Health is the Ability to Adapt

Today, this fundamental process of detoxification is being challenged like never before…..

We are no longer a ‘Balanced System’ that is ‘Auto-regulating & Self-healing’

Unfortunately, for some of us, we’re just unable to adapt due to an Overwhelming Amount of Toxicity.

Stop for just a moment – and take a look at all those inflicted with allergies, asthma, fatigue, body pain, and trips to the Doctors office.

Many of these pesky signs and symptoms, are not in your head. They are real concerns, with it’s roots in your ability to detoxify.

These signs and symptoms are not to be taken lightly!

Signs and symptoms are the body’s way of telling you something that you need to pay attention to.

The language of the body IS symptoms.

They are the warning lights on your dashboard. If you remove the Warning Lights, there is still something Wrong with the Engine.

Where Do Signs, Symptoms, and Disease come from?

There is evidence that most disease is caused by our exposure to the 80,000 to 120,000 chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis”

Gosh, it’s disheartening the amount of Autism these days – 1 in 8! It is estimated that with the rate we’re going – they are looking at 1 in 4 (in just 2 generations).

Experts are linking the amount of modern day toxins as one of the factors contributing to this. 


Toxins are stored in fat. Which is one reason why fat cells enlarge – to protect itself from the inflammation associated with stored toxins. 

Those on a diet looking to lose body fat – this is important news! I am all about the KETO DIET to lose body fat – however, out of the body fat – comes a furry of toxins! Something anyone needs to pay attention to when following a weight loss diet like Keto or the sorts.

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Breast tissue toxicity. Since the breast are largely composed of adipose tissue (fat), natural health experts are surmising that if the breasts become storage tanks for toxins, this may be the reason WHY it can be a growing concern for women. Men as well, with the accumulation of estrogenic sensitive adipose pectoral tissue.


It’s time to DETOX

Detox Safely and Easily for a

Cleaner, Leaner, Healthier Body



Intracellular Self Cleaning Detox– The New Detox Paradigm

Are your Fat Burning, Self Cleaning organs clean enough?

Join me, Michale Hartte as I walk you through, step by step

how to clean your body from the inside out

Detox Done Right! Have FUN, Get Clean to Get Lean and Healthy!


Monday Sept 17 – 6-7:30pm
sign up at www.invatiyoga.com

$5 to hold your spot, all monies raised goes to H.O.P.E. Outreach

Learn top strategies to quickly lose belly fat, boost energy, avoid cold/flus.

What you will learn:
•Are You a ‘good detoxifier’ or poor one and how to fix it.
•What to start, what to stop.
•5 Golden Rules to Guarantee Your flat belly.

Everyone Needs to Detoxify to Experience the Best of Health.

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See you there!

Michale Hartte

Diet and Detox Specialist