Find out how Winsome lost 23 lbs in 7 weeks after she almost lost hope

  Here Winsome’s story about how she almost lost hope to get healthy and lose weight until she saw my wellness talk on Leptin Resistance. Check out her ‘gut-wrenching’ story about how she felt before starting her Fit n Healthy plan and how she feels now. WOW! Winsome is a superstar! As a previous nurse […]

How Journaling Can Help You Get in Shape, with Michale Hartte

We are beyond excited to tell you about our interview with Diet and Detox Specialist, Michale Hartte, because we know her ideas can help using journaling. Whether you struggle with achieving wellness goals or you’re just looking for extra inspiration to maximize your health regimen, you won’t want to miss this conversation. Discover the ways […]

Weight Loss Stalls on Keto? 3 Top Reasons

You’re doing everything right on the Ketogenic Diet but frustrated with weight loss stalls. You’ve given up bread. Upped your fats. Eating enough protein and cut your carbs. You’ve initially had success. But now reached the dreaded weight loss plateau. You’re scratching your head – Why haven’t I lost more weight? I can just imagine […]

Slim, Strong & Sexy Blueprint Program

The Slim, Strong & Sexy Forever Blueprint The world’s most clear path, science-based weight loss program ever developed       Just 9 Steps to Lose 20 lbs in 12 weeks without starving, or giving up your favorite foods or wine, so you can live a more Joyous, fulfilling, empowered life in your new Slim, […]

How to Read Your Blood Work – Michale Hartte Reveals & Walks You Through Her Own Results

How can I stay Fit n Healthy For Life? Stronger. Fitter. Faster – my new personal health goal. With already a healthy diet and lifestyle, getting my blood tested was my next step. I started to wake up fatigued and wasn’t going to use the ‘over 50 and getting older’ as an excuse. There must be […]