From Depressed and Overweight To Freedom from Food & Healthy Weight Loss

Meet Carmen, administrator, Mom and amazing woman ❤️
Carmen joined the Slim, Strong & Sexy Program to overcome her severe depression to lose weight.
Perimenopause/menopause is when her body starting to pile on the extra weight
She tried every diet – Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Ideal Protein, Keto, HCG, Intermittent fasting….with NO LASTING RESULTS
Depression set in with all her efforts, even after seeing a Naturopath for help.
After starting the Slim, Strong & Sexy Program……
“She not only improved her mental health, but learned the tools to look at weight loss differently”
Michale got me moving forward in my life. Every day, every week, got easier and better. I could let my shoulders down about ‘weight loss’, because the way I feel now with more energy and freedom from seeing the number on the scale was huge for me.
I am 52 and haven’t felt this good in 20 yrs! – Carmen
Want to Lose up to 20 lbs in 12 weeks and keep if off for life this time?
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