From Low Self Esteem To New Found Health And Hope!

Before I met Michale Hartte I had low self-esteem and just hated the thought of putting on a bathing suit (we have a pool right at our Condo).

I was even thinking of not attending our class reunion in Manitoba due to the increase in weight these past 10 years.

I did not want to shop for more clothes, whereas normally, I loved shopping.

Before I met Michale, I felt very unmotivated and sometimes depressed.

However, from the first day I met you, Michale, I strongly felt you would help me, to help myself.

I needed you to correct my poor diet (I thought I was doing everything right).

For both health and diet, you have worked tremendously hard to tailor my program to my individual needs and that’s impressive!!!

I felt so comfortable talking to you and excited!!!

I’m greatly enthused now about my future.

I expect (through improved nutrition and increased exercise) to be able to stop taking my high blood pressure medication and low dose aspirin and that is exciting!

One year ago, I had my knee replaced and perhaps, with my new-found health, I won’t need my second knee replaced!

Thanks, Michale!!!

Retired Elementary Teacher
Kelowna, BC