Haven-Anne Gets Relief FAST From Bad Baby Cough With Michale’s Protocol!

My 5-Month-Old Haven-Anne Gets Relief FAST From Bad Baby Cough And Irritability!

When I first contacted Michale, I asked for the HMF Baby Probiotics I used in the past that helped Haven-Anne have regular bowel movements and a normal colour.

Since coming off the HMF Baby Probiotics, her bowel movements returned to being green. On top of all of that, Haven-Anne had been suffering a bad cough that made her miserable! The Medical Doctor suggested allergies.

After we had our consult with Michale, she recommended homeopathics, tissue salts, and fish oils to help with her cough.

Within a few days, her serious cough has resolved and now Michale is helping our daughter reverse her allergic condition.

What I love about Michale is how she looks for the ‘root cause’ of the condition and then finds a solution using natural remedies.vThank you so

Thank you so much, Michale…. I am so happy I found you!

Haven-Anne Everlee