How I stopped a cold in 1 day…….

Aaahhh, the dreaded cold. You know its coming on when you wake up unusually tired, irritable and down right miserable! 

You may even get pissed off like I do, if I feel a little off!

But what if you could stop a cold right in its tracks?

Better yet, what if you could stop a cold in 1 day!

Well, that is exactly what I did. Stop a cold.

COLDS – Condition and Cause

The common cold is an infection of your nose and throat (upper respiratory tract) that can be caused by dozens of different types of viruses.

Conventional medicine says there is no cure for the common cold. 1

Most colds last three to seven days. 

COLDS – Conventional Treatment

Conventional treatment includes Pain relievers, for fever, sore throat and headache (ie acetaminophen, Tylenol, or others), Decongestant nasal sprays to clear the sinuses, and Cough syrups for the obvious.

While these all sound like magic pill solutions, it does come with a price. And that price is your health. In fact, medical studies have reported that with the suppression of colds, as with certain drugs, while alleviating colds, may put your health at risk, later down the road. 2. 

This comes as no surprise for Holistic doctors and Natural health experts. They know the common cold is actually the way in which the body is attempting to cleanse itself of its toxins and poisons from the system.

In other words, its what the body is suppose to do to self clean and get rid of the unwanted invader (virus)

And the common symptoms associated with the virus, like runny nose, coughing, change in body temperature, diarrhea, and body aches are the manifestation of your bodies innate healing response –  at its finest!

Abet it doesn’t feel fine. I understand. But its what the body does to heal from acute infections like the common cold.

The point I am trying to get across is using over the counter medication simply further drives the toxins in deeper, and not out. Which can make you sicker in the long run.

However, healing naturally can be quick and easy. Her is how to stop a cold.

COLDS – Natural Treatment

Instead of suppressing the body in its attempt to self-heal, we support it to heal itself. 

While there are many ways to treat a cold, here is what I did to stop a cold in 1 day.

CC BY-NC-ND by superphoebe

Bone Broth

As far back as the 12th century, properly prepared chicken broth has been used to cure colds. 3.

Modern science has now validated this to be effective and is still employed today by some in the know.

Properly prepared, bone broth (also known as stock), is extremely nutritious, containing the minerals of bone, cartilage, marrow and vegetables as electrolytes. A form that is assimilated. This is KEY!

The benefits of broth consumption outweigh the benefits of taking a pill for a few reasons:

Assimilation: For thousands of years, our ancestors have been using bone broth and over time, our own genes have been programmed with the expectation and out right need for a steady input of familiar nutrients, such as bone broth. 

Temperature: Part of the benefits come from consuming it hot and steamy, which when sipped, improves nasal clearance. Bone broth also helps improve circulation (delivering important immune factors to fight the virus), and speeds healing.

Essential minerals: Not only are minerals essential to keep your bones strong,  they are also critical for cellular function. This is where bone broth really shines. Aside from calcium, bone broth also contains glycosaminoglycans, and magnesium. 

Glycosaminoglycans are very special molecules that keep our collagen happy. You are made up largely OF collagen (joints, skin, arteries, hair, everything is made from collagen). Keep that strong and healthy and you stay strong and healthy.

In summary: If you are ill and in pain, you are acidic. Bone broth replenishes minerals to balance acid and speed heal the body.

So skip the pharmacy aisle and head straight to your local farmers market or butcher for bones to make your own homemade stock. I personally get my bones from cooking a whole organic chicken first, then using the bones to make my stock right after. 

Was that the ONLY thing I did that stopped my cold in 1 day? Nope. 

I did two other things to stop my cold in 1 day. THAT I will reveal in my next blog post……so keep an eye on it!

By the way, because I felt such remarkable positive health results consuming bone broth, I have since made a cup of bone broth part of my Fit n Healthy daily routine.

I am happy to report faster workout recovery, an upgrade to my energy and something I cannot explain…..an overall FEELING of wellness, immediately both during and after consuming my bone broth. Which is why I was so driven to write this post for you:)

Bone Broth Recipe

The actual recipe I use can be found in my new e recipe book. Found here (just released), Slimming and Trimming recipe ebook

Its absolutely free and full of recipes that I personally use to stay slim and strong and use to feed my family healthy too.

This is making Fit n Healthy Simple!

One recipe the whole family can enjoy (keeps you slim too).

– quick, simple and incredibly delicious.

Please do me a favor and share this with someone you know who is struggling to stop a cold, drop some excess weight or just needs some solid advise to get Fit n Healthy using simple solutions!












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