Healthy Toddlers And Babies On HMF Probiotics – Hunter Wilson

Severe Spasmodic Cough (what looked like whooping cough) – Hunter Wilson Was Healed With Michale’s Natural Remedy Protocol!

What a scare I had when Hunter Wilson, my 15-month-old son, started having these awful coughing spells where he was wheezing with a hard time catching his breath.

He had a fever, wasn’t napping and was crying a lot.

I immediately contacted Michale and came in for her to see him.

Once we started Hunter on her recommended homeopathy, probiotics, tissue salts and colostrum powder, I saw a change.

It wasn’t long for him to feel better and get back to his happy self again.

Since then, Michale has customized a natural family ‘first aid’ kit for many of those common illnesses that may come up in the future.

Michale taught me that if we can ‘help the body’ resolve the illness with natural medicine instead of ‘supress the bodies symptoms’ with drugs, our bodies can actually become stronger for it!

Hunter Wilson