I Lost Weight Immediately And My P.M.S. Is Almost Gone!

Angie after a few days on the program

Hi Michale,

Things are going well… I actually lost 2 lbs.

Now, this isn’t a major thing but I haven’t gone down under 160 in over a year!

So now, I’m 158!

I have been trying to follow as best I can for now, but need to work more on my meals and snacks… dinner every night is a salad with my Urban Harvest [Organic Delivery Service] order!

Thanx! Have a good weekend.

Angie after 3 weeks on the program

Guess what?

I started my period with very little PMS!

I knew it was coming, but I didn’t know exactly when so I was a little surprised.

I wasn’t as cranky as usual!

Angie V.
Social Worker