In a rush to eat healthy? 3 Healthy Vegetables That Cook Fast

Need a quick idea to cook your vegetables fast?

Whether you`re just home from work and pressed for time or just not a fan of cooking but want to feed your body well.

Check out these 3 Healthy Vegetables That Cook Fast!

Mushrooms and Broccoli

Mushrooms and broccoli are two of the three I often cook up quickly. To cook these vegetables fast, simply toss these into a pot of 1 inch boiling water, add a touch of salt, place a lid on top and immediately shut off heat to cook. This easy method ensures these veggies don`t overcook keeping the flavor and nutrient value high.


Cauliflower is the third vegetable that cooks up fast. However, my kids don`t like cauliflower so I simply chop this up and add it RAW to the rest of the family`s dishes.

Seriously, everyone, these are the 3 vegetables I served up quickly for us tonight!

Want to know what else I added to complete our family`s meal?

As you know, I am a big fan of high-quality protein. And tonight, I served up organic pork.

Organic and pasture-raised pork. How I cooked them was, I sliced and placed into a combination of extra virgin olive oil, cumin, oregano, cajun spice, basil, garlic, rosemary with a generous sprinkle of coconut sugar and a pinch of Himalayan salt.

This flavor combination works to add an AMAZING taste for any meat, fish, seafood, or even beans you want to cook up!

Gotta add the starch for some family members so here is what I do…..

Organic white rice. My kids love their starch! So I always add in either white rice, quinoa, or pasta (gluten-free or sourdough grain of any sort). When I’m NOT rushed, I previously soak my rice in a glass jar covered with water and salt. Leave for as little as 3 hrs and up to 8 to properly remove unwanted gut irritants.

Rince and cook (cooking time is reduced from 15 minutes to only 8 minutes by soaking first).

I hope you found these ideas on how to cook your vegetables fast useful.

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