Keto Do’s and Don’ts – My 5 Top Tips

Keto Do’s and Don’ts.

Wondering if you are doing the Ketogenic Diet right?

Reached a plateau and need some help?

Confused about carbs? How much, when to eat, and what type of carbs are best (and worst)?

Then check out my Top 5 Keto Do’s and Don’ts!

What you’ll learn is:

  • Why going on a ketogenic diet long term may NOT be such a good idea
  • When you need to add in carbs to prevent the dreaded plateau
  • What are the best carbs to add (and the worst)
  • Why it’s not all about your macro’s (protein, carbs, and fats) – there is more to this healthy story!
  • What I do to stay lean all year round

Tune into my latest video and find out my top 5 Tips to Keto Do’s and Don’ts right here!

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