Michale Is The Key To Permanent Change For Your Health And Wellbeing

With 80 percent of fat loss being dependent on diet, Michale Hartte had her hands full when it came to teaching me new habits.

She first had me keep a food diary and fill out a form containing 600 questions.

Armed with the information she gathered, she was able to tell me what areas of my body needed nutritional support.

It came as no surprise when she listed specific health concerns that my doctor had diagnosed a week earlier from my blood tests.

Michale was then able to devise a healthy eating plan based on my own, unique blueprint.

Like Brad (my hired fitness trainer), she sees the big picture, while fat loss is the desired reward, a healthy body is always the ultimate goal.

If your goal is to get in shape or lose unwanted body fat, or both, take my advice and seek out Michale Hartte.

Sherry Rob
Publisher of OH Okanagan Health and Fitness Magazine
Kelowna, BC