No More Medication And My Energy Level Is Good

Gosh, when I look back I have certainly come a long way.

As I said to you before, I THOUGHT I was doing everything right in the past, but I realize now that I had a lot to learn about health and nutrition.

Bowel movements are sooooooooooo much better (no more Senokot medication).

Taking the fibrelean every day as well.

The sleep is coming.

I don’t take the sleeping pills at all anymore. Some nights are better than others. Last night was bad because I woke up with terrible leg (calf) cramps. I don’t know if I will ever sleep through the whole night, but it sure feels good to get rid of those pills.

My energy level is good for the most part.

So overall, I’m feeling a LOT better.

I don’t miss the prozac at all!

Kelowna BC