One bowl Wonder


One Bowl Wonder – A Simple Way to Eat Healthy

Only 3 Easy Steps go into making your own bowl.  And YOU closer to getting leaner, cleaner, and healthier than you ever thought possible.

This is EXACTLY the type of meal I have most nights after I learned it from my super healthy 90 yr old Grandpa. He was considered one of the healthiest family members of us all. 

Why it works so well

The ONE BOWL WONDER is full of a healthy dose of

  • ‘Beta-glucans’ that lower cholesterol and help boost your immune system
  • ‘Probiotics’ that kill bad bacteria in your gut and lower inflammation
  • ‘Vitamin C’ that fight off viruses (like the C – Word) and others.

…and, maybe the MOST IMPORTANT POINT- helps you lose excess, unwanted belly fat! Try it and let me know your thoughts!

How to make

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Ok, now to How to make…….First off, I want you to get excited that, once you practice making it a few times, it literally takes about 20 minutes – start to finish. Which is a GODSEND when you come home hungry from work and need to feed yourself & your family well! We need quick after-work meals. Stick with me – I got your back!

3 Easy Steps to Creating a Delicious Meal

Creating your delicious and health-enhancing meals can be as easy as 1-2-3! Add variety to your eating plan by following the 3 steps below and changing the food selections. Make it fun for the whole family by placing the food selections in separate bowls for each member to pick and choose their unique meal. Eating healthy can be fun! Here is how to do it:

Start HERE

Step 1: Choose your protein source – one of the most important parts of your meal

As with any meal combination, begin by thinking of what your protein source will be. Most folks forget the importance of adding enough protein. Protein is what builds healthy, strong, lean bodies. Protein stimulates a hormone called, glucagon’ that burns body fat. Strive for 1 1/2 palm size per bowl. 

Your One bowl wonder is a great way to use up any pre-cooked meats or beans/lentils/whole grain combo.

Try grass-finished or pasture-raised meats, wild fish or seafood, properly prepared and cooked beans or lentils, tempeh, or unpasteurized organic cheese made from raw milk (or any European cheese will do – they do it right!). ***Remember, if choosing to have a vegetarian meal, use cheese, or simply combine your beans/lentils with presoaked or sprouted nuts/seeds or whole grain.

Keep these protein foods on hand to be used near the end as your topping.

Step 2: Select your carbohydrate source

Choose an assortment of vegetables for your carbohydrate source.

I find vegetables both slightly cooked and raw placed together in a dish can add a uniquely delicious dimension.

To prepare cooked vegetables – In a glass bowl, add any combination of the recommended vegetables with a thin coating of extra virgin olive oil and sea salt: thin slices of red onions and different colored potatoes (think slices will take too long to cook), broadly chopped broccoli and cauliflower, sliced red cabbage and carrots, whole mushrooms and Brussels Sprouts, and thick slices of zucchini.

Bake in oven on temp 325 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes (to check readiness, vegetables need to be still crispy, broccoli turns a bright green and red onions become very sweet)

To prepare raw vegetables – In a large glass bowl, chop or slice any combination of the recommended vegetables: beets, carrots, celerac (celery root) or celery stalk, cucumber, red/yellow/green peppers and cherry tomatoes.

Set aside.

If you choose to add grains, In a large glass bowl, place the recommended cooked grains: white rice (brown is too difficult to digest and not recommended), quinoa, millet, or kamut/rice/spelt/sprouted grain pasta.

Set aside.

Step 3: Enjoy a Fat source

Healthy fats really make the meal so much more satiating. Recommended fats that give delicious flavors include- melted butter (goes great with mixed herbs, crushed garlic, chili peppers, and grated parmesan cheese), avocado (try with crushed garlic and sea salt), extra virgin oil, sliced olives (my personal fav), flax oil (try chili garlic flavored), pumpkin seed oil, nut or seed butters (try pumpkin seed or hemp butter), coconut milk/cream or sesame oil. Or try dips like hummus, tahini, pesto, or artichoke dip as your healthy fat source.

Now to make:

In your individual serving bowl, place the grain on the bottom. Skip if not using grain and begin with cooked vegetables and place them on the bottom of the bowl. Next add raw vegetables, top with your protein source, then pour a little of the added healthy fats (about 1-2 Tbsp per person or 1/2 an avocado). Look below for added flavors. Experiment with any of the countless combinations to create different meals for anyone in the family any night of the week!

Recommended added flavors: mixed herbs (oregano, basil, rosemary), tarragon, crushed garlic, grated ginger, smoked chili pepper, crushed chili peppers, cumin, freshly ground black pepper, freshly squeezed lime juice and fresh cilantro, nutritional yeast, wasabi and low sodium soy sauce.

Almost done – sprinkle in Coconut Sugar (about 1 tsp per bowl) to add a bit of ‘sweet’ to your dish. No – this will not stop fat burning or your ability to get lean. It will polish off your ONE BOWL WONDER into something you will want to eat more of. 

However, you know my golden rule – EAT ONLY WHEN HUNGRY AND STOP WHEN 80% FULL

Before you know it, your family members will show a new excitement with all the family meals you can do together!

Send me a message and let me know how your one bowl wonder went! Offer up some suggestions and I can post them on Social Media 

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