Protein Snack Bars

Serving size: 1- 2 inch by 2 inch square

Yield: 6 – 2 inch by 2 inch bars


• ½ cup ground flax seeds, chia seeds or sesame seeds or any previously soaked nuts.

• 5 tbsp cacao powder, raw

• 3 tbsp carob powder

• ½ cup wheat germ (optional)

• 2 tbsp flavored protein powder (berry, orange, or vanilla taste best)

• touch of celtic or himalayan salt

• ⅓ cup unpasteurized honey, maple syrup or palm (coconut) sugar

• ¾ cup nut or seed butter (try raw pumpkin seed, raw almond, macadamia nut

and cashew, hemp seed butter, organic peanut butter or combination)


Add all ingredients in food processor. You will probably need to add some filtered water for a desired consistency. Form into flat bars. Cut in to 2 inch by 2 inch squares. Best served immediately. Refrigerate the remaining snack bars (they keep for about 7 days).

Tasty Variation:

Cover bars in coconut flakes, slow cooking oats or flavored protein powder. Stir in some chewy gogi berries or organic raisins. Add in chunks of raw cacao.