Keto Signature Salad (with wild greens)

Welcome to my personal signature Keto salad.

This is the typical salad that I enjoy for lunch, most days.

Having an optimal diet includes eating in season. 

It’s spring, which is the optimal time to indulge in wild greens.

(which is why they are included in my Keto salad).

The surprising benefits to eating wild greens

Wild greens help support a healthy gut microbiome. 

A healthy gut microbiome is the ‘secret sauce’ to a robust fat burning metabolism.

Foods like wild greens introduce substances that act as fuel for your ‘good gut bugs’.

This in turn activates the genes responsible to lowering inflammation – KEY TO GETTING LEAN AND HEALTHY.

Not only that, these good gut bugs naturally take out the ‘bad gut bugs’ keeping your immune system humming

Wild greens are bitter, and in their very nature, help to support your liver (the ketone making factory)

What are Ketones and why are they important?

Ketones (the core principal of the Ketogenic Diet) are what we want to make more of and use more efficiently as an energy source.

-as appose to using glucose as the primary energy driver.

The goal is to train the body to use both – Ketones and Glucose for top Health, Performance, and Longevity.

So, to help you along, I thought I’d share my Keto Signature Salad (with wild greens).

Want to know more about the Ketogenic Diet & Lifestyle? Go here for my Video series where I take a Deep Dive into Keto

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Keto Signature Salad (with wild greens)
Try this Keto Signature Salad as your 'go to' meal next time you're ready for a quick to make, Keto approved meal. The secret ingredient is 'wild greens' shown to be supportive to a healthy gut and liver (both essential to optimal health and ketone production).
Prep Time 10 minutes
Prep Time 10 minutes
  1. In a large bowl, mix all ingredients and turn using a fork and spoon.
  2. Ideally serve with the eggs still warm, mixing the runny yolks into the salad for a creamy, sweet tasting salad (without any added sweetener).
Recipe Notes

Flavor with added herbs and spices (oregano, thyme, basil, rosemary, smoked chili pepper, tarragon) if you like. You can also drizzle with avocado oil or olive oil. Freshly squeezed lemon also tastes great.

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