Sluggish Thyroid Not Found by Medical Tests Discovered And Normalized!

The self-test guide in the workbook created by awesome nutritionist Michale Hartte…

takes you through questions to assess if you have any 6 metabolic imbalances.

My thyroid was off which was not diagnosed by any physician because my blood tests came back normal. But this nutritionists’ [Michale Hartte] awareness of how low body temperature affects the thyroid and hence every other part of the body, she recommended taking a simple supplement and I have now increased my body temperature by over 2 points and now have the energy to do things I couldn’t do only months ago.

To my amazement, I released 2 inches on my waist, 2 inches on my hips, and 1 inch each on my thighs. I was shocked!

These results are the power of this Program.

Teresa Wienecke
PW Certified Coach
United States