Stop dieting and start eating – Top 5 tips to drop 15+ pounds

Let’s get real here. We need to stop dieting.

A super restrictive diet is not only boring, it’s frankly useless and unnecessary!

Why? Cutting out foods and food groups that are actually GOOD for you is not only unsustainable, it can also lead to a devastating disruption to your gut microbiome.

The microbiome and it’s link to weight loss (fat loss)

I want to start with my reference to ‘weight loss’….what I really mean is ‘fat loss’.

Here’s why.

When you weigh yourself on the scale you’re weighing your bones, muscle, all your organs, hair, water, your last meal and body fat.

What we really want to ‘lose’ is excess body fat, NOT muscle, our hair, any organs or glands, etc.

You get the picture.

So, to get back to how your gut microbiome and it’s link to ‘fat loss’, the simple reason is

The microbiome is the key to metabolism, and metabolism is the key to fat loss.

Get your metabolism humming and excess body fat just melts off.

When it’s sluggish, stubborn fat just won’t go away. 

But, you’re sticking to your ‘regimented diet’, right? What’s wrong?

The problem is, your gut microbiome is unhealthy because your diet may be TOO restrictive!

We need to stop dieting and start eating.

What is the microbiome?

Dr Raphael Kellman explains it so well in his book, The Microbiome Diet; The Scientifically Proven Way to Restore Your Gut Health and Achieve Permanent Weight Loss’

‘The microbiome is a miniature world made up of trillions of microscopic, nonhuman organisms that live in your gut. 

In fact, 90 percent of the cells within your body are not human. And these non human 90 percent – an entire separate ecology within your body – is the key to losing fat and keeping it off!”

Bottom line: If your digestive system is unhealthy, you will be unhealthy, which can negatively impact your ability to lose fat and gain unwanted weight.

It may seem strange that you can gain weight with poor digestion but there are many ways in which the body holds onto weight when the digestion is in adequate.

How an imbalance of Gut Bacteria = Fat Gain

Altered Gut Bacteira → Intestinal Permeability → Metabolic Endotoxemia → Chronic Low Grade Inflammation → Fat Gain

Excess Estrogen. An imbalance of good bacteria to bad (altered gut bacteria) causes estrogen to be increased to above normal limits due to the increase in the levels betaglucoronidase. An unwanted enzyme that breaks the instructions made from the liver to remove excess estrogen from the body. This break in connection results in unwanted deposition of body fat (in all the wrong places).

Excess Calories Research demonstrates that altered gut bacteria increases the amount of calories extracted from food. In other words, when you have more bad bacteria then good bacteria, you can theoretically eat a 1,500 calorie meal but extract 1,800 calories from it. This is how you can absorb more calories than you are eating and gain excess fat.

Chronic Low Grade Inflammation Altered gut bacteria, if it goes on to long, can lead to intestinal permeability (aka leaky gut) where the pathogenic (bad) bacteria give off toxins (metabolic endotoxemia) that triggers chronic low grade inflammation. The body thinks it’s fighting an infection and produces antibodies, which in the end, stops fat loss in its tracks.

So lets stop dieting and start eating with these top 5 tips!

We want every reason to clean up our diet to get Fit n Healthy. But to make the mistake of going from having coffee and a muffin after taking your kids to school and drive through on the way to soccer practice, to kale smoothies, is likely too big of a jump.


Make sure you’re NOT making these mistakes:

Top 5 Tips to Drop 15+ Pounds

Tip #1: DON’T RESTRICT THESE FOODS. I’ve already outlined how a healthy gut microbiome leads to healthy and effortless fat loss. Make sure you don’t restrict food group that feed your good bacteria also known as the ‘prebiotic’ food group. Some of these foods include: onions, garlic, leeks, artichoke, and radishes. For a complete list, go to Eat to Get Slim, Strong, and Sexy for Summer and check out Step 4: Choose your extras

Tip #2: DON’T DISCOUNT PROTEIN RICH FOODS. Foods rich in protein are the building blocks of a healthy, humming metabolism. Protein saves you from eating every 2-3 hrs so that you can eat just 3 times a day. Yup. You read it right. No need to be a slave to your sugar cravings either! Eating protein with a good healthy fat will stop sugar cravings in their tracks so you can say bye bye to those love handles. For best sources and amounts, go to Eat to Get Slim, Strong, and Sexy for Summer  and check out Step 1: Choose your protein.

Tip #3: DON’T EAT YOUR STARCHY CARBS UNTIL DINNER. Like yams, sweet potatoes, winter squash, and those creamy, yummy carbs? Save them for your dinner meal. Doing so has been demonstrated to help with a deeper, more restorative sleep so you can burn fat as you sleep. You got that right! Sounds so easy but it’s true. Going to bed before 10pm and sleeping a good 9 hrs in the winter (7 hrs in the summer) has been proven to burn fat and set the stage for more sexy muscle. Curbs those sugar cravings too!

Tip #4: DON’T EAT UNTIL YOU’VE WAITED 12 – 14 hrs.  Make sure you count 12 – 14 hrs from the time you finish dinner to the time you eat your breakfast. This again will tap into those love handles or belly fat and burn them as energy. This is effectively called, ‘time restricted feeding’. We want to feed well – just make sure you fast well too.

Tip #5: DON”T SPIN YOUR WHEELS AND WASTE TIME. Summer is on it’s way and times a wasting! If you really want to get serious about getting slim, feeling strong, looking sexy, then simply send an email to info@fitnhealthynutrition.com and type in the subject line: Insiders quick peek to your 6 Weeks to Slim, Strong, and Sexy Program. I’ll send you the program outline to exactly, step by step what you need to do to get the body you want in 6 weeks. 

There you have it. You can stop dieting, start eating AND drop those 15+ pounds!

Be sure to check out the  Eat to Get Slim, Strong, and Sexy for Summer  for more detailed description of your new eating plan.

Anyone who want more help to stop dieting can contact me at info@fitnhealthynutrition.com. Just be sure to type into the subject line: Insiders quick peek to your 6 Weeks to Slim, Strong, and Sexy Program