Healthy Snacks That Help You Lose Weight (get lean and stay that way)

I am about to share some quick to make, nutrient-dense healthy snacks that help you lose weight, get lean and stay that way. They’re also super smart to have on hand for grab and go. Whether you need something fast to take on your next spontaneous hike or have only 30 minutes between meetings, you’ll […]

Fit n Healthy Slimming Smoothie

Check out what I put in my Slimming Smoothie to stay slim, fit and healthy. Fit n Healthy Slimming Smoothie The slimming magic behind this Slimming Smoothie recipe is that it contains enough protein to send the signal – ‘use this to build lean muscle’ Ideal as your Post Exercise Meal. It doesnt require much work […]


  Looking for a pre workout, Energy bar recipe to chew instead of drink? Then check out my Fit n Healthy Energy Bar Recipe.  Great for those looking to burn excess body fat and build lean muscle tissue. It also has the added benefit of turning your brain ON to improve mental performance, and get more done! A healthy and […]


Transform your morning breakfast to a hormone balancing smoothie. You’re likely no stranger to the health benefits of balancing your hormones. Most think of this as having normal periods, better mood, and easier weight loss. While this is true, balancing your hormones has far health reaching affects like blood sugar balance, restorative sleep, and building sexy […]

Read THIS before you eat another chocolate bar!

Is Chocolate REALLY as healthy as they say? Yes, it is! Evidence tells us the cocoa (chocolate), is good for our hearts, our moods and can even help us stay looking and feeling young. Good for our hearts Evidence is mounting to support cardiovascular health benefits from the consumption of flavanol-rich cocoa[1]. Flavanols in raw […]