Banana Almond Green Smoothie (sweet and slimming)

Looking for a ‘sweet fix’ that’ll still keep you slim and trim? Try this Banana almond green smoothie and satisfy that sweet tooth! BANANAS? QUESTION: Aren’t bananas ‘fattening’ due to the high carbs? ANSWER: A medium banana has the same amount of carbs (27 grams) as a medium pear or apple QUESTION: Don’t bananas have […]

Lose 20 lbs fast breakfast recipe

If you’re reading this wondering how you’re ever going to lose 20 lbs fast. This breakfast recipe may be the head start you’ve been looking for! Look below for your lose 20 lbs fast breakfast recipe. Note: After you start the day drinking 1 litre of filtered water and getting your morning AM sunlight (to […]

Berry Delicious Super Green Smoothie – Start the day burning fat!

Here’s a great breakfast idea when you need something fast. This green smoothie recipe is carefully designed to keep you fat burning (with coconut milk, coconut oil and protein powder) and nourished (using seasonal greens and berries) – not to mention – it tastes DELICIOUS!  A Perfect Fit n Healthy, fat burning smoothie! Berry Delicious […]

Fit n Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe – helps to lose weight and detox

Fit n Healthy Green Smoothie – Great for weight loss and detox Looking for easy weight loss and safe detox? Try a green smoothie! WARNING! Don’t make the mistake of forgetting the protein and fat!  Here’s my Fit n Healthy Green Smoothie recipe. It’s jammed packed full of detoxifying spring greens, protein to get skinny and healthy […]