Fit n Healthy Slimming Smoothie

Check out what I put in my Slimming Smoothie to stay slim, fit and healthy. Fit n Healthy Slimming Smoothie The slimming magic behind this Slimming Smoothie recipe is that it contains enough protein to send the signal – ‘use this to build lean muscle’ Ideal as your Post Exercise Meal. It doesnt require much work […]

Banana Almond Green Smoothie (sweet and slimming)

Looking for a ‘sweet fix’ that’ll still keep you slim and trim? Try this Banana almond green smoothie and satisfy that sweet tooth! BANANAS? QUESTION: Aren’t bananas ‘fattening’ due to the high carbs? ANSWER: A medium banana has the same amount of carbs (27 grams) as a medium pear or apple QUESTION: Don’t bananas have […]