3 Ingredient Smoothie

I’ve been super pressed for time and discovered a new way to make smoothies that’s fast, portable, and absolutely DELICIOUS! Try my 3 Ingredient Smoothie for yourself and see how easy it can be to eat healthy on the go! Best part is that it only takes maximum 2 minutes to make! The 3 ingredients […]

Fit n Healthy Slimming Smoothie

Check out what I put in my Slimming Smoothie to stay slim, fit and healthy. Fit n Healthy Slimming Smoothie The slimming magic behind this Slimming Smoothie recipe is that it contains enough protein to send the signal – ‘use this to build lean muscle’ Ideal as your Post Exercise Meal. It doesnt require much work […]


Transform your morning breakfast to a hormone balancing smoothie. You’re likely no stranger to the health benefits of balancing your hormones. Most think of this as having normal periods, better mood, and easier weight loss. While this is true, balancing your hormones has far health reaching affects like blood sugar balance, restorative sleep, and building sexy […]

Avoid (the dreaded) Holiday Weight Gain: My Top 5 Tips

Looking to Avoid (the dreaded) Holiday Weight Gain? Then NOW is the time to plan and prepare.  If you’re like most people, the time between Halloween and Christmas is when you’re most likely to put on the dreaded ‘jelly belly’. In fact, a A Prospective Study of Holiday Weight Gain took 195 subjects and weighed them during […]

Berry Delicious Super Green Smoothie – Start the day burning fat!

Here’s a great breakfast idea when you need something fast. This green smoothie recipe is carefully designed to keep you fat burning (with coconut milk, coconut oil and protein powder) and nourished (using seasonal greens and berries) – not to mention – it tastes DELICIOUS!  A Perfect Fit n Healthy, fat burning smoothie! Berry Delicious […]