The #1 Secret To Balancing Hormones And Getting Lean

The 1st Key To Getting Lean: Balancing Hormones and making darn sure you eat enough!

This article is about balancing hormones. In my last post, How do some people eat more and stay lean? I shared with you what I did to try to lose weight and how the result of my efforts turned my body into a devastating, SKINNY FAT.

Essentially, I became, a smaller fat person. Not what I was after.

I explained how the old model of Eating Less and Exercising More (EL/EM) to get lean, essentially kept me FIT but NOT Healthy. 

I certainly LOOKED lean but accomplished this through starvation, deprivation, and just plain misery. 

It wasn’t until I adopted the Eat More to Get Lean (and stay there) Strategy that I recovered my own health and life back.

I now attribute my newfound Fit ‘n Healthy Body to Balancing Hormones.

When your hormones are balanced, your body knows exactly what to do WITH your food. Your hormones simply direct your body what to do WITH the food once you’ve eaten it. 

Understanding and optimizing your hormones may seem like an overwhelming task, however, you may be surprised at how simple it really is. No magic pill. No weird foods. And for most of us, no expensive tests either.

Just setting up a good, solid diet and lifestyle routine that you enjoy and can stick to!

Getting back to the basics and checking in with my own body, is what I did to reverse my hormonal imbalance.

Literally, a few times throughout the day, I would take a few moments to do a quick internal ‘whole body scan’, starting with the time I woke up. 

I know it doesn’t sound sexy, but once you create the habit of ‘checking in’, you get to know what’s working and maybe what’s not working. Having these insights can help navigate your day ahead.

That;s working WITH your body and not against it by going on some crazy new restrictive diet and exhausting exercise routine.

So, before I get into the real, practical steps, I’d like to share the #1 Secret to Balancing Hormones and Getting Lean – Your mindset.

The 2nd Key To Getting Lean: Start with a Fit ‘n Healthy Mindset

This is where it all begins. If you approach your goal of getting lean with the right mindset, your daily healthy habits will easily follow – this is 2nd key to getting lean.

The endocrine (hormonal) system and the interplay with your brain are completely connected.

Where your mind goes, your body follows.

I learned this KEY secret to balancing hormones and getting lean when I wrote a book with Bob Proctor. 

The book was called, The Science of Perfect Weight. A new way of thinking, eating and living to achieve your perfect weight. One statement that really stood out for me was,

You are what you think about, most of the time.”

High Stress = High Cortisol = Fat Storage

For example. We are all familiar with the stress hormone cortisol. If we live in fear, our cortisol levels rise, and if this goes on for too long, it leads directly to belly fat, among other harmful things. 

This is how you can become a Skinny Fat independent of what you eat and how you exercise. Simply living in fear can put belly fat on. Plus this is not a way to live either!

The Law of Physics states that ‘Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another’. The transformation of ourselves, as a human being is one of the most profound things in existence.

Whether it’s transforming your body to get lean, your mind to find purpose, or your relationships to get a connection, it’s a phenomenal process. 

But it can come with a dramatic struggle too. 

Good news, it doesn’t have to. There are certain steps that you can start taking RIGHT NOW to transform your body and life – working with your body to get lean, healthy and happy.

The Law of Vibration and Attraction states that “When you hold the image of what you want on the screen of your mind, you are vibrating in harmony with every particle of energy that is necessary for the manifestation of your image on the physical plane. By holding that image, the people, things, conditions, and circumstances you require are moving toward you, and you toward them”

See it. Believe it. And be it now!

5 Steps To Creating a Fit ‘n Healthy Mindset And Getting Lean

Step 1: Find Your WHY

Take some time to dig deep and discover your WHY.

What is YOUR reason for getting lean? Is it to be a great role model for your children? Be more attractive to your mate? Feel good in your sexy, slimming jeans or just simply look and feel good naked? 

Or maybe it’s because you know how darn good it feels to live the Fit ‘n Healthy lifestyle!

Whatever your reason. THIS IS YOUR DRIVING FORCE! Write it down. THIS is what’s going to keep you on track!

I HIGHLY recommend starting a Journal. There’s something about writing it down that makes it real and seemingly important to you. You can speak your why to yourself or others. Saying your WHY out loud activates the limbic system of your brain that’s been shown to motivate and live in-congruent with your commitment 

When I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis and Amenorrhea (a loss of menstrual cycle), my WHY to getting healthy was what would happen if I kept doing what I was doing? 

What was going to break down next if I didn’t take action to self-correct it?

Finding your WHY is what you’re going to go to when faced with OBSTACLES that take you away from your goal of getting lean… remember that!

Step 2: Get Clear

Clarity accounts for probably 80% of success and happiness. Lack of clarity is likely more responsible for frustration and failure than any other single factor. Step 2 works in conjunction with Step 1: Find you WHY

Your success in getting lean and life, in general, is directly linked to how clear you are about what you really, really want.

The more you See it Believe it and Be That Person Now, the faster it will come. Simple, Easy, and Quickly.

Unfortunately, sometimes ‘being that person now’ brings up self sabotaging self talk and takes us off track. How can you have the life you want if you don’t truly believer you deserve it? Without doing an overhaul of how you actually look at yourself (self esteem) and reprogram your mindset, you are likely to self sabotage yourself every step of the way.

This is when we want to ‘reinvent’ ourselves to who we really want to be. YOU have the power to do that!

Ask yourself this: I’m the type of person that……..(and fill in the blank). 

I good example of this strategy is saying or writing down, ‘I’m the type of person that exercises every day’. ‘I’m the type of person that stops what I am doing to say ‘Hi’ to my spouse when he enters the room’., ‘I’m the type of person that ensures my children have healthy meals’. That sort of thing. 

This is something I learned from Tom Bilyeu. Co-founder of the billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition, and superhero in the world of mindset, motivation, and impact. He helps people take charge of their self perception to get the life they really want. 

So, my suggestion is to start by being clear on what you want and who you are.

What type of person are you (who you want to be)? Start your list and Be THAT person now. Then watch the magic that happens next…….


Step 3: Find a Role Model

Once you tap into your WHY and get clear on what you want and who you want to be, it’s time to find a role model.

Who is doing what you want to do? How are they doing it? This is, at least in my mind, the shortcut to getting what you want. Whether it be your version of Fit ‘n Healthy, the best Parent, or whatever.

Find someone, or a few, that are already doing this successfully and follow them. This could be me, or someone else. I suggest simply finding them, earn from them.

It takes longer to ‘reinvent the wheel’ than to find someone who’s done it already and just tweak to your lifestyle. Finding a mentor or teacher also helps keep you motivated to stay on track.

I have a number of role models. One is my Auntie Diana. She is grounded, authentic, and tells it just like it is.

I have others also. Some as the Mother I strive to be. Some as the humble, knowledgeable teacher that I wish to be now in all areas of health (Mindset/Connection, Diet, Detox, Sleep, Stress, Digestion, Movement/Exercise, Sunshine).

Step 4: Know That There Will Be Obstacles

Changing old habits will bring up obstacles.

Know that You will move you past your comfort zone. Embrace the struggle. View the struggle as necessary, important and an integral part of your journey so that you can feel the power to overcome it.

What you do some of the time is what you do all the time.

Be reverent to the challenge. Always keep your eye on what you want and NOT on what you don’t want. When the ‘don’t want’ creeps up, just see it and find a solution for it.

This is where setting up an environment for success comes in, with your role model along with a person, set of friends, or people all on the same page. This type of support plus your WHY, and being clear with who you are (best version), will get you through the inevitable obstacles.

Step 5: Take Action And Create A Routine

Taking action means every day, taking steps towards your main goal.

For balancing hormones, there are 6 major areas to make that goal happen – I’ve already outlined the #1 Secret to Balancing Hormones and Getting Lean.

The other 5 are a Hormone Balancing Diet, Safe and Easy Detox, Restorative Sleep, Stress Management, and Proper Exercise/Movement.

Stay tuned for more on those.

At the end of this series of blog posts to Balancing Hormones and Get Lean, you will have a routine in place to make Fit ‘n Healthy Simple!

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