Top 10 Grab and Go Foods


  1. Ready made wieners and cut up veggies. Try: chicken, turkey, beef or bison wieners (nitrite/nitrate free) and tomato, cucumber, celery, red/yellow/orange peppers, radish.
  2. Sausages (nitrite/nitrate free) and cut up veggies. Try: bison, beef or bison sausages.
  3. Hard boiled eggs (simply boil for 10 minutes) and cut up veggies.
  4. Burgers (leftovers from last night’s dinner) and cut up veggies. Try: salmon, veggie, beef/bison, or turkey burgers.
  5. Chocolate Chewy Balls (see Fit ‘n Healthy Recipes) and cut up veggies.
  6. Nuts and dried fruits or a nut/seed/dried fruit mixture. Try: cashews and raisins, almonds and dates or a mixture of pumpkin/sunflower seeds/almonds/dried apples/raisins/gogi berries. Add in some kamut puffs for fun!
  7. Cheese and fruit. Try: mozzarella (lactose free) and apple or goat feta and pear.
  8. Cheese and cup up veggie. Try: goat mozzarella and celery.
  9. Whole grain wrap with nut butter and sliced veggies. Try: sprouted grain wrap, almond butter and grated carrot (maybe add a little raisins to the mix).
  10. Whole grain wrap with fruit and nut butter. Try: sprouted grain wrap, banana and organic peanut butter.


  1. Bean or lentil soup with a whole grain bun (buy more soup and have it tomorrow or add it to a grain for dinner).
  2. Samosa.
  3. Spanokapita.
  4. Ready made sandwiches (which include a protein source).
  5. Mixed veggie salad and a side of sausages (nitrate/nitrite free). Try: turkey, bison or beef sausages.
  6. Bean or lentil burgers with a side veggie salad containing either nuts/seeds or grain.
  7. Chicken or Beef soup (buy more soup and have it later or add it to a salad for dinner).
  8. Snack bar. Look for ingredients that contain dried fruits or natural sweeteners with nuts and seeds. Avoid artificial sweeteners, soy (unless fermented) and refined sugars (corn syrup, glucose, sucrose).
  9. Cheese and crackers. Try: mozzarella and spelt crackers. Avoid crackers with hydrogenated fats.
  10. Bean or lentil salad. Add some cheese or whole grain for a complete protein.

Michale Hartte, BASc (Nutr), RNCP is a Registered Nutritional Consultant and offers Customized Online Nutritional Plans through her website. Visit www.fitnhealthynutrition.com to take your FREE health assessment.