Detox your way to Healthy Aging – Top 5 Anti Aging Tips

Over 40 and concerned about aging?

Seeing more wrinkles, ugly belly fat, and feeling tired first thing in the morning?

Got aches and pains that are not going away?

Then think about detoxing your way to healthy aging.



Top 5 ways to reverse the signs of aging

Serious Anti-again Tip #1: Get your sleep. You need 8 hrs of solid sleep during the spring and summer and a full 9 hrs of solid sleep in the fall and winter months. Best to be asleep by 10pm to take advantage of your ‘anti-aging’ hormone – GROWTH HORMONE.
Serious Anti-again Tip #2: Drink enough filtered water. Start your day off with ½ litre to 1 full litre of filtered water (room temperature) before coffee or breakfast. This will aid in toxic removal (which CAUSES aging), hydrate your cells and plump up the skin to reduce the signs of aging.
Serious Anti-again Tip #3: Laugh more! Yes, smile, laugh and even be silly! Feeling happy sends a message to your brain that you are healthy, young and carefree. Say bye, bye to stress!
Serious Anti-again Tip #4: Take care of your liver, kidney, and lungs. These are your body’s PRIMARY filters. When they are clean, you can safely remove the toxic build up, which are one of the primary contributors to aging! Have a healthy digestive tract is also a KEY to looking and feeling young again. This is where a clean diet PLUS a safe and easy detox comes in. Ask me for more info on my Fit n Healthy Diet and Homeopathic Detox Kits!
Serious Anti-again Tip #5 Only place on your skin what you can safely consume. What you place on your face and body WILL penetrate into your body, systemically. Make sure it is clear of any harmful chemicals. Ask me for more info on my Anti-aging Kit: Argon oil (day time moisturizer) and Broccogen ointment (night time moisturizer). Both products work very deep within the skins layers to actually repair at the DNA level. They are SKIN FOOD!

Well, if you like what you’ve heard and would like to know more about how I help people get Fit n Healthy through a Customized Eating Plan, Safe and Easy Detox, Exercise and Lifestyle Tips, then please contact me through my website: fitnhealthynutrition.com or call me on 250 718 1653.