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Hello, I’m Michale Hartte

Your #1 Nutritionist and Health/Wellness Coach.

Specialist in Fat Loss for men and women over 40.

I help people burn fat, boost energy, and get their dream body with a Customized Diet, Detox and Daily Routine.

Are you ready to make Fit n healthy your NEW NORMAL?

After almost 20 years of researching the ultimate Health and Fitness program, I’ve narrowed it down to the right Diet, Detox, and Daily Routine Plan that will help you reset your weight, recharge your energy and rebuild your body.

As a nutritionist, thousands of men and women have employed my ‘Fit n Healthy Plan’. A whole body customized approach which includes these 7 areas:

1 ~ Mindset

The body follows the mind. Miss this part and nothing will work for the long term.

2 ~ Diet

Everyone talks about ‘getting your macro’s right’ (carbs, protein, fats), however, what about the ‘micro’s’? You will discover how easy it is to get the right ‘micronutrients’ to make the biggest difference in your appearance, daily energy and happy mood.

3 ~ Detox

Let’s face the facts. Toxins drive inflammation in the body. Get the toxins out, put inflammation at bay. Results? No aches and pains, better brain, youthful appearance, and one of the most important things you can do to prevent illness, disease, and gosh forbid – sheer depression!

4 ~ Daily Routine

Get the simple things you can do to balance your hormones to set the stage to reach your ideal weight, end moodiness and get your best sleep.

5 ~ Digestion

You are only as good as what you can digest. Feel clean and lean again with smooth digestion.

6 ~ Sleep

Deep restful sleep is one of the most important things to achieve a fresh, sexy look, have all-day energy, burn fat fast (especially around the belly), and get better recovery from exercise. Learn 3 top tips that work!

7 ~ Exercise

Get the #1 tip to melt fat, tone your muscles, and reshape your body to feel sexy, strong and confident again.

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What makes me different than other experts out there?

I find the missing pieces preventing you from getting Fit and Healthy.

  • I believe getting Fit n’ Healthy is more simple than most people realize.
  • I believe the first step to getting Fit n Healthy is to STOP looking for the next shiny pill or latest fad diet and START doing these 7 areas which are fundamental to getting healthy 
  • I believe it’s critical to remove the blockages that are preventing you from self-healing. Common examples include chronic inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, excessive toxicity, blood sugar imbalances, and undetected infections.
  • I believe being only 1% better every day and being consistent is how you will be Fit n’ Healthy for a lifetime.
  • I believe there is no such thing as ‘falling off the plan’ because this is not a diet or a life of deprivation – it’s a way of eating and living with a lot of fun and pleasure.
  • I believe you can heal anything when you understand YOUR body, what it needs, and learn to listen to it.


  • Certified Fitness Trainer through the ISSA
  • Registered Natural Nutrition – Clinical Practitioner with the CANNP
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science specializing in Nutrition from Ontario’s Edison Institute of Nutrition
  • Chartered Herbalist through Vancouver’s Dominion Herbal College
  • Certified Biotherapeutic Drainage Practitioner TM through Seroyal
  • Written for many popular health publications including Okanagan Health & Wellness Magazine, Canada’s Alive Health Magazine, Glenmore Highlands Living Magazine and Blush Magazine.
  • Creator of the nutritional plan in Bob Proctor’s ‘The Science of Perfect Weight – A New Way of Thinking, Eating, and Living to Achieve Your Perfect Weight”
  • Author of “The Fit n’ Healthy Plan – The healthy diet & lifestyle plan made easy!”
  • Author of “The Fit n’ Healthy Pregnancy Guide” (in the works)

My Story

What my clients are saying

I dropped 35 lbs in just over 8 weeks on Michale’s Plan and have even kept it off! I feel happier, healthier and about to enjoy life again! Thanks Michale

-W. Croker age 70

I lost 5 lbs in the 1st week and have more energy than ever! Best nutritionist ever!

– C. Tinling age 55

A diet plan with fast results – you’ve taken the guesswork out. I feel confident that my progress is for the LONG TERM and PERMANENT. I’m also very happy and satisfied with the food selections . The Fit ‘n Healthy Nutritional Plan just makes sense… no gimmicks.”

– Val Spring age 55

I am surprised at how fast this program works that even my husband is on board!

– A. Regier age 45

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