Wild Edible Walk in Wilden

Come join me, Michale Hartte, local Natural Nutritionist to learn about 4 Wild Edibles you can eat for food and use as medicine.

Wild Edible Plants are Wildly Beneficial!

First of all, they are the most locally grown food you can consume! Free for you and Immensely nutritious loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, (healthy) carbohydrates, and phytochemicals (plant medicine).

Take your health to the next level. Expand your food options. Meet like minded people. Connect with your environment and have some fun, foraging for food with me, your host Michale Hartte!

Wild Edibles Walk in Wilden 

Sunday, June 24th. 10am – 11am

Hidden Lake Park, 1188 Long Ridge Drive

Child friendly (and encouraged)

Bring: bag, scissors, notebook and pen. Camera

Photo shown: Saskatoon Berries

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