Wild Edibles Walk in Wilden

Come join me, Michale Hartte, local Natural Nutritionist to learn about 4 Wild Edibles you can eat for food and use as medicine.

Wild Edible Plants are Wildly Beneficial!

Learn what Dr Moira had to say about it

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3 Reasons to eat Wild Edibles

  1. Wild Edibles are the textbook example of eating locally and organically. 

Numerous studies have reported the benefits of eating foods grown in your local environment. Not only are they fresher, they contain higher levels of bio available nutrients. 

Locally sourced foods also may help our bodies adapt to its surroundings. This can help Keep you in sync with your natural, circadian rhythm and resist common ailments, reports Janice Schofield in Discovering Wild Plants (2003).

      2. Wild Edibles are the healthiest plants to eat.

Research done on wild edibles demonstrate the immense nutrition loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, (healthy) carbohydrates, and phytochemicals (plant medicine).They can literally take your health to the next level and also expand your food options making eating more enjoyable.

      3. Free Food

What does your monthly grocery bill cost? $800 = $1000 per month for a family of four? What about if you can cut that cost with the healthiest plant food on the planet? 

I’ve personally reduce my need to purchase greens like kale, spinach and berries since learning and gathering wild greens and berries.

You can too. Let me show you how.

Meet like minded people. Get some exercise (walking). Connect with your environment and have some fun, foraging for food with me, your host Michale Hartte!

Where: 1188 Long Ridge Drive (Hidden Lake Park)

When: Sunday, July 8th, 2018 10am-11am

What to bring: Notepad and pen, and scissors. Bring a buddy!

Questions? Just ask Michale by calling or texting 250 718 1653