5 Solutions For Overeaters

A few simple changes in your diet can put a stop to overeating. Within days you should be hunger-free. It’s not surprising that the types and quality of food do matter. What may be surprising is what those types are.

Eliminate “Fast” Carbs

We call them “fast” carbs because they have no fiber, protein or fat to slow down digestion and control hunger. Candy and soft drinks are obvious sources of “fast” carbs. But not so obvious are flour products like white bread, bagels, waffles, pancakes, cookies, cakes, crackers, many breakfast cereals and snack chips.They break down rapidly into sugar, causing a spike ( blood sugar increase).The spike is perceived as a metabolic emergency and our body reacts by clearing the excess sugar as fast as it can. This inevitably drives blood sugar too low. It’s the “sugar crash,” that causes cravings from having too little blood sugar.

Low Glycemic “Slow” Carbs

The key idea is the slow release of energy. Carbs that do this are vegetables (except potatoes and corn), whole grains (those having whole grains are better to have sprouted or `soured“)  and beans(sprouted), as well as the natural sweeteners, stevia (look for PURE stevia without maltodextrin) and xylitol. those avoiding all grain can use quinoa and wild rice as replacements as these two foods are not considered a `grain`.

Fiber-Rich Foods

Dietary fiber controls your hunger by slowing digestion and the releasing of glucose into the bloodstream. Vegetables, whole grains (sprouted or `soured`), beans (sprouted), nuts and seeds (both properly soaked) are great for this, and also contain protein and healthy fats.

Protein & Healthy Fats

Protein takes longer to digest, which slows release of sugar from carbs. Like protein, fat slows digestion and slows the release of sugar. Fat and protein also curbs hunger longer, reducing the urge to eat sugar-spiking carbs. Avocados, nuts, seeds, butter from grass-fed cows, flax, coconut oil, olive oil and fish oil are all examples of healthy fat. Organic grass-fed meats, fish, whey/vegetable protein powders are all great sources of protein.

Drinking Water (Away From) Meals

My last tip is drink more water! Always away from meals for proper digestion. Aim to drink 1 litre of filtered water for every 50 lbs of body weight. Start with .5 litres, first thing in the morning and drink the rest, between your second and last meal. Those that exercise, make sure you are properly hydrated before training. Stop 2 hrs before bedtime for obvious reasons.

Once you have incorporated the 5 Solutions for Overeaters into your diet you will no longer have to suffer from overeating.

By Alba Nadal, RHN ( Registered Holistic Nutritionist)