Check out how Maggie lost 6 lbs in just a few weeks!

Hi Michale,
I wanted to let you know how great I am feeling and the changes I have observed. I’m on Day 18, lost 6 lbs, have more energy😁, and sleeping between 8-9 hours per night. I feel great. I keep a daily journal 📒 and can see the changes with my sleep , water amounts, and how some foods react to my body in a negative way. I am finally, doing something positive for Maggie. When I made the decision to have the full consultation and committed to your program, I instantly, gained a sense of self-worth. This new awareness made me look at my past life of doing so much for others and therefore not taking care of Maggie. Wow, what an awakening. Today, day 18, I look forward to acknowledging myself as worthy enough to do this incredible program of self-care, health, fitness, walking in the sun🌅, weight training💪 (I bought a used at home gym), and I am getting stronger every single day. So “Thank-you Michale”. Your program is so easy, I am never hungry and not one single craving for sweets (a miracle). You have given me Hope and you have given me, my life back.💕
With gratitude, Maggie O
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