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Frustrated With The ‘Mainstream Model’ And Looking For A More Natural Approach To Fit ‘n Healthy?

That was me 18 years ago and THIS is where I started.

  • Frustrated with my own health.
  • Looking for answers to get it back.

Does this sound like you too?

If so, this blog post is for you…

My Personal Story In A Nutshell

After being diagnosed with Osteoporosis and Amenorrhea (at a young age of 31), mainstream’s answers included medications, margarine instead of butter, artificial sweeteners instead of sugar, and low-fat everything. 

While I did adopt their ‘healthy diet’ approach (for a short time until I felt worse), I chose not to take the pharmaceutical drugs recommended.

Long story short, this spear-headed my quest to find out


Fast forward, 18 years. After choosing not to take medications and moving away from mainstream media’s nutritional advice, I am forever grateful for it.

“I reversed my conditions, with a natural, whole body approach.”

Learning and applying the nutritional principles that I teach today, looking back, I did what this blog post is outlining today = ‘Ease your way into the plan’.

I started by systematically replacing the foods that were making my body weak with selections that built my body up to be strong and nourished.

In addition to this new way of eating:

  • I changed my exercise routine to include less cardio and more strength building.
  • I detoxed my body using the Biotherapeutic Drainage method (which I am now a Certified Biotherapeutic Drainage Practitioner).
  • I focused on optimizing digestion and sleep.
  • And, I discovered ways to ‘stay present, connected and centered’  using what I learned from my mindful yoga practice.

Eventually, my body made a complete recovery.

At age 42, my bone density test results indicated that my BMD measurements had increased significantly. My bones were rebuilding, my menstrual cycle came back and I felt SO MUCH BETTER!

You CAN Do It Too!

I am here to share the things I’ve learned and experienced in order to

Help YOU Build A Healthier, Fitter, Slimmer And Sexier Body!

This is truly an achievable goal. 

Trust me and trust yourself – you CAN do it too!


As you get ready to start, decide if you are one of those people who would like to breeze into The Plan and go 100%. If this is you – then go for it and get started now. Plan your exercise, meal times, sleep/wake times and go for it!

However, if you are someone who would like to take their time and make simple adjustments week by week, then this next section is for you.

Here’s how:

Each week, choose one (or more) of the provided tips.

In one short month, you’ll notice that your current routine has been replaced by healthier habits moving you into the (healthier) Slim And Sexy Body you’ve been yearning for. Easy!

The difference between being healthy and not is doing the work!

ease your way into the plan

Week 1:

Continue with your current regime and make at least one of the following adjustments:

1) Optimize your water intake: Start your day off with 1 full litre of water towards your required amount (one litre of filtered water for every 50 pounds of body weight). Remember to drink between meals and not too close to bed (for optimal sleep).

Your goal is to be up to your total daily requirement by the end of this week.

2) Have a protein and fat rich breakfast: This health tip has literally been a ‘game changer’ for my personal clients and me. Many have reported


This is likely due to the fact that they are no longer ‘strapped to the fridge’ and instead, eating the recommended 2 to 3  ‘protein + fat’ rich meals a day (that’s right, ‘snackers’ are  ‘sugar burners’. We want to be ‘fat burners’ instead). 

Please note: Add in some non-starchy vegetables or whole fruit and you’ve just created the ultimate ‘Slim And Sexy’ breakfast!

Additional note: Save the ‘starchy’ vegetables or grains for your evening meal (for optimal sleep). See Step 2: Choose your carbohydrate in your plan for your list of non-starchy, starchy carbohydrates and grains.

My favorite breakfast, at the moment, is Cottage Cheese Pancakes topped with about 1 tbsp of grass fed butter, sprinkled with Himalayan salt plus a small bowl of colorfully rich veggie salad, that I always keep in the fridge. This is on my NON-workout days. 

Alternatively, on my workout days, I save the above breakfast for lunch.

Instead (because I am in a rush on my workout days), I place my powder mix into my dandelion or chaga herbal tea (room temperature) and make a shake. No blender. Only using a glass jar (super easy and delicious).

In addition, I have a two finger lengths size of either my Chunky Chocolate Protein Pre workout Bars or Chewy Gogi Protein Pre workout bars. Anyone who wants these recipes can find it on my Fit n Healthy Facebook Page or ask for it in the comments box at the end of this post.

My morning ‘green’ drink, at the moment, includes: Herbal Bulk (fiber), Organic Greens plus Reds (powdered veggie/berry/herb blend), Juicy (additional antioxidants), Colostrum (immune, muscle building/fat loss), Creatine (exercise recovery and muscle building), Collagen protein (supports bones, joints, hair, skin and nails), HMF Super Powder (probiotic), BCAA’s (for muscle sparing), Sunflower lecithin (healthy fat and adds a creamy texture), and Slippery elm bark (supports healthy gut function). 

Your goal is to find a few breakfast options that include enough protein and fat to carry you through the morning until it’s lunchtime. All without snacking.

3) Increase your vegetable intake: Enjoying a diet high in colorful, fibrous vegetables nourishes your microbiome. Research is exploding about the importance of a well-balanced microbiome. According to Raphael Kellman, MD, in his book, ‘The Microbiome Diet’, “Our metabolism, weight, and overall health depends on the balance of microbial life within our gastrointestinal tract”. 

Your goal is to make “a colorful salad a day” a new daily habit.

Week 2:

Continue with your current regime and make at least one of the following adjustments:

1) Replace all processed cow’s milk products: This also includes processed cheese slices. Instead, choose from the list provided in the dairy section under Step 1: Choose your protein in your plan. Alternately, try oat, almond, rice or coconut milk.

Your goal is to experiment with new healthy dairy selections (or alternatives) to find the ones you love.

2) Get to know your sweeteners: Work to replace all refined and artificial sugars with healthier choices. See Step 4: Choose your extras in your plan for a list of good natural sweeteners.

Your goal is to remove all unhealthy sugars from your home and only have healthy, natural sweeteners to enjoy when needed.

3) Start a journal: Journaling can help pinpoint what’s working in your routine and what needs to be adjusted. Record everything you eat and drink along with how you felt that particular day.

Your goal is to journal each day for the week, but ideally, see if you can incorporate this habit for one month. Doing so will really give you a true picture as to which foods give you energy and which do not.

JOURNAL SAMPLE PAGE from my book The fit ‘n Healthy Plan.

Week 3:

Continue practicing the new, healthier habits learned in weeks one and two and add any one of the following changes:

1) Get enough sleep: Your goal is to get 8 – 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night this week. Detox your bedroom by removing all electronics (TVs, cell phones, iPads, etc). These devices are known ‘sleep disruptors’ preventing you from recharging and regenerating. 

2) Get to know your grains: See Step 2: Choose your carbohydrate in your plan for a list of healthy carbohydrate grain options. Be sure to consume grains that are properly soaked and/or sprouted for optimal digestion and nutritional value.

Go here to learn how to soak or sprout your grains Preparation Tips – Grains, Nuts, Seeds, Beans, and Legumes – for better digestion.

Your goal is to remove all white flour products from your home and replace them with whole grain ones.

3) Know your fats: Replace all trans fats and unstable fats with healthy ones. See Step 3: Choose your fat in your plan for recommended healthy fats.

Your goal is to try new fats or oils such as grass-fed butter or ghee, flax and pumpkin seeds, and coconut oil. These are the healthy fats that are very important for fat loss, thyroid support, and proper immune function.

CC BY-NC-ND by AndrewDallos

Week 4:

Continue to enjoy your new healthy habits and add any of these additional changes:

1) Eat 3 meals a day, no snacking: Your goal is to have a meal every 4-5 hours. Include a healthy protein, carbohydrate and fat source each time. See “Create your healthy meals in 4 Simple Steps” in your plan for a refresher.

It’s important to give your body a rest from eating, to allow for proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Spreading your meals apart also helps with fat loss through a process known as ‘gluconeogenesis‘. Best to stop eating 4-5 hrs before bedtime if you have 30+ pounds to lose (at least 2 hrs if you are at a good weight).

2) Eat just enough: Eat until your hunger is satisfied, ensuring that you are not overfull. Get to know when you’re full and stop. Move on to your next activity and eat again in another 4-5 hours.

If you are having difficulty recognizing when you are full, follow the serving size guidelines outlined in your plan. You might also want to try eating three-quarters of what you would normally eat and then wait for 15 minutes to see if your hunger has been satisfied.

Having a cup of herbal tea sweetened with stevia after meals or chewing a few pieces of Spry brand gum can also help.

3) Plan to succeed: Plan your meals in advance and have the foods and ingredients you need readily available. Bring your foods (and water) with you when traveling. Think about your protein and fat source for each meal. Keep track of the amount of vegetables and fruits you eat to ensure you’re getting a variety and enough. Strive to save your starchy vegetables and/or grains for your evening meal (to optimize sleep).


Congratulations – your four weeks are over! Even if you implemented just one of the tips, you are still moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

I encourage you to step forward and pick another one until you eventually master them all. With practice and a little creativity, the changes you’ve made can become lifetime habits. 


I truly hope I’ve ended some of your frustration with a plan that can ease your way into a Healthier, Fitter, Slimmer And Sexier Body.

For a complete plan, check out my book The Fit ‘n Healthy Plan – The Healthy Diet & Lifestyle Plan Made Easy!

Please be sure to share this blog with anyone else you know struggling and looking to ease their way into the plan – By Starting Here!