How to Eat to Get Slim, Strong, and Sexy

Want the secret on How to Eat to Get Slim, Strong, and Sexy?

Welcome to the Slim, Strong, and Sexy Diet!

If you’re like me, being slim, strong and sexy has always been important.

Especially with spring fast approaching.

The shorts, the sun, the upcoming beach season- and of course… getting ready for my bikini.

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The end of January has always been the time I start to ‘step it up’ and get more serious about my nutritional plan, exercise routine, and specific supplements.

In fact, I call myself ‘a perpetual student’ because of how much research I do in the field of fat loss, body sculpting, and anti-aging. I would guess it adds up to a few hrs per day.

I am always finding simple ways to burn fat for fuel (instead of sugar… which is very aging to the body), build sexy muscle (with the right exercise), and slow the aging process (to look young and feel sexy).

Let me share what I learned…

Today’s blog post will show you how to eat to get slim, strong, and sexy for summer. It’s also what I recommend to my private clients too.


What you’re about to learn, is the program I’ve put together after 20+ years of hands-on experience.

The secret sauce was when I discovered the impact our circadian rhythm was to our overall health.

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After infusing a daily routine into the nutritional plans, Fit ‘n Healthy’s ‘slim, strong, and sexy diet’ has reached a whole new level.

Let’s start with what NOT TO DO

To get slim, strong, and sexy – DON’T DO THIS!

Don’t Starve Yourself
Doing so will get you skinny, but being a skinny fat isn’t sexy.
I’m embarrassed to say, I made this mistake in my 20’s, and all I got was tired. Both my body and hair became thin. I lost my womanly shape and needless to say, I didn’t feel sexy either.”

Don’t Cleanse Without Rebuilding
Cleansing has its place in slimming down, but recognize the need to rebuild afterward.
“I am a big fan of cleansing but only in conjunction with a rebuilding phase.”

Don’t Rely on Just Supplements or Excessive Exercise
Supplements to ‘burn fat’ and exercise can help, but nothing can fix a bad diet.
“That was me, in my 20’s and 30’s. I thought if I took my ‘fat burning’ supplements and exercised more, I earned enough ‘reward points’ to have licorice ice cream for dinner (no joke)!”

To get slim, strong, and sexy – DO THIS!

In my opinion, a well-designed nutritional plan to reach your ideal weight must be in accordance with the Natural Laws of Health. These Natural Laws are universal. They all have cycles and rhythms.

Working with these cycles is how you work with your body instead of against it – the easy way. Eating your way to slim, strong, and sexy – the Fit ‘n Healthy Way

Welcome to your slim, strong, and sexy diet!

First, start by Creating your Healthy Meals in 4 Simple Steps. 

Here’s how:

Create Your Healthy Meals in 4 Simple Steps:

  • Always respect circadian cycles and eat according to the season.
  • Focus on fresh, locally grown or raised produce and meats.
  • Color your plate and try new foods.

For each meal or snack, follow Steps 1 to 4: OVERVIEW

choose your protein – Calculate 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass and consume this amount throughout the day. ie 125 lbs of lean body mass = 125 grams of protein per day. 


  • Helps build muscle.
  • Key nutrient for burning fat.
  • Important for repair and recovery after exercise.
  • Building blocks for healthy hormones.

choose your carbs = Choose mainly above ground veggies as your carb source during the day and add about 1/2 a cup of below the ground veggies or cooked whole grains as part of your evening meal on workout days (2-3 times a week). 


  • Needed for proper bowel movements, elimination of toxins.
  • Help balance hormones through proper hormone signaling.
  • Essential for disease prevention and youthful aging.
  • Replenishes ‘glycogen’ stores for enhanced daily energy and high performance.

choose your fat – Add 1 Tbsp of added fat to each of your meals.


  • Anti-inflammatory properties to eliminate pain.
  • Help to stabilize blood sugar for easy fat loss and ‘happy’ mood.
  • Essential for healthy hormone balance.
  • Adds delicious flavor to meals for satiety and pleasure!

choose your extras – Incorporate these within your meals for superior health.


  • Both prebiotic (that serve to ‘nourish’ your healthy bacteria) and fermented (that increase your numbers of healthy bacteria) foods keep you lean and your digestion healthy.
  • Sea vegetables contain valuable iodine for optimal metabolism and fat loss.
  • Properly made bone broths contain highly absorbable minerals to heal the gut, eliminate joint pain, reduce cellulite, and improve the immune system.
  • Condiments like herbs and spices are essentially ‘wild’ plants with medicinal properties for lifelong health and vitality.

There you have it, how to eat to get slim, strong, and sexy!

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