How to stick to your health goals

So many people I know have a really tough time sticking to their health goals.

As you know, being consistent with healthy eating, exercising, and getting restorative sleep is the secret to Fit n Healthy for life.

If you are someone who can’t seem to stick to your health goals because ‘life gets in the way’ or some holiday or festival comes up or you travel a lot.

Then this post is for you!

Here’s what I want you to do to stick to your health goals.

Create infrastructure to win

You must create the infrastructure to set the stage for health and productivity.

For you to feel more healthy and get more fit, you need to set your day up for success.

I know for me, I realized that if I really wanted to reach more people with my Fit n Healthy plans, I needed to spend more time creating, teaching, and sharing my simple approach.

But, at the same time, I didn’t want to sacrifice my exercise. So I created the infrastructure by setting up my home gym instead of spending time traveling to the yoga studio. After 20 years of dedicated yoga practice, I gave myself permission to change things up and super glad I did. 

Quick snapshot of my home gym

What else did I do? The extra time I was putting in my office, was leaving less time to prepare healthy meals. I didn’t want to sacrifice my health to help others get healthy. So, I became very creative and made up quick and easy 3 ingredient meals. 

Why is this strategic planning important? Because you CANNOT RELY ON your own personal discipline. Let’s face it. Some days you just aren’t as motivated to stick to your health goals. Am I right? Of course! That’s what comes with being human and not some robot or machine!

Here are more examples of how to create infrastructure:

  1. Scheduled calls.
  2. Blocks of time.
  3. Accountability partner or coach.

Basically having the systems and tools to win at the Fit n Healthy for life game. 

I don’t know what it is for you, but these are just some examples of what I do and what you can do too. What is it for you? What would you need to set up to live more in alignment with your health goals? What would that look like for you?

Test don’t guess

I suggest that you test where you are now in your health to see how healthy you really are. People come to me when they’ve let it go too long with things like chronic sleep issues that’s now drained their energy and vitality. 

Or constipation that’s been going on for weeks leaving them feeling sluggish, heavy, tired, and unwell.

Or reoccurring infections with yet another prescription to ‘fix it’ (which we know really doesn’t in the long term).

Get a good Doctor, Nutritionist, or Naturopath and get your blood work done! I can’t emphasize enough. I personally get my regular blood work done every year and micronutrient test every 6-8 months. This keeps the pulse on my health and me on my game! Other things I track are my body composition (muscle mass and body fat %), bowel movements (how many per day), time spent exercising and hours slept. I have a journal that I record all of this – daily. 

My current journal

Here’s the thing. If more and more people took their health in their own hands we would see an improvement in our current Metabolic Health Stats which is sadly only 12%.

I have personally taken it upon myself to help those looking to reach their ideal weight by getting healthy first.

The secret is doing the work and sticking to your health goals.

You don’t have to EVER feel guilty by taking care of yourself. 

In fact, when you don’t take care of yourself, you end up with more pain and guilt.

When you don’t take care of yourself, you end up feeling guilty because you don’t even have the energy to be a great Mom or Dad, Wife or Husband. 

When you haven’t taken care of yourself, you tend to get into fights or even scream at your kids or loved ones because you are just so exhausted. 

It’s kinda a catch 22. You feel guilty for taking care of yourself but trust me the guilt later on for not taking care of yourself is much greater. All it takes is thinking more from the prefrontal cortex (the thinking brain) then it is from the amygdala (the impulsive part of your brain). The #1 way to do this is to stick to your health goals by taking care of yourself first.

I really urge you to take a step back and see the true cost of not taking care of yourself. Where the major dilemma most people have is they have so many ‘to do’s’ that they put all of these tasks above their health. They compromise the very things that help them do their tasks much better and with greater efficiency. 

Things like – Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, and Daily Sunshine.

I hope this post has inspired you to stick to your health goals by creating an infrastructure to win, test and not guess, and putting your health first.

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