Be Productive with Goal Setting: Goal setting made simple


“Those that set goals are more productive and successful than those that don’t”

Goals + Energy + Focus = Productivity

To gain more traction with goal setting and be productive, both energy and focus are also important.

The problem with goal setting is it can be too difficult and unsustainable. Which is why I wrote this post.

….Goal setting made simple. Learn the 3 Steps.



Step 1) Keep it simple: Don’t fall into the trap of the ‘too-many-goal’ problem. Instead, just FOCUS ON JUST ONE BIG GOAL in both PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL. Pick the one that will make the most significant impact on your life right now.

Step 2) Be specific: Instead of ‘losing weight’, write down ‘losing 20 pounds’. Your goal needs to be measurable.

Step 3) Pick a 90 day deadline and work backwards from there: Deadlines turn ‘ideas’ into ‘reality’. It gets us excited and keeps us on track through the tough times. You’ll find the process to be enjoyable even if you don’t exactly make the intended goal. Once you look back, see how far you’ve come. This is called “Process Goal Setting’ instead of the dreaded ‘Outcome Goal Setting’.


Step 1) Start your day with 1 litre towards your required amount of water for the day.

Step 2) Get your exercise or movement done in the morning.

Step 3) Go to bed between 9pm and 10pm (latest) for a restful 9 hours of sleep (winter time).


Step 1) Don’t check your emails first thing in the morning. Once you’ve done so, you’ve given your power away to everyone else. You’ve officially filled your first morning magic time with overwhelm and reactivity. Instead start your day as outlined in ENERGY TIPS (step 1 and 2).

Step 2) Don’t allow for distraction. According to Brendon Burchard, one of the world’s leading high performance coach, distraction can lower your productivity by 20 percent and even slow our thinking by almost half. This includes ‘multi tasking’ (sorry Mom’s).

Step 3) Keep interruptions at a minimum. Getting back to task is very difficult when interrupted. One trick is to let everyone know you are busy for X amount of time and only interrupt you if there are any emergencies. I’ve tried this one and it works part of the time at least:)

There you have it! Goal setting made simple to ‘get more done’.

It’s 2018, time to step it up and make your dreams a true reality.

Looking forward to hearing about it.

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Happy New Year!