Weight Loss That Works – My First Little Success Story

I am so excited tonight… about a week ago I weighed myself I was 146.4 pounds (YAY) and tonight I am 144.2 pounds… BIGGER YAY!! Finally weight loss that works!

That is from 148.8 pounds (originally when I came to see you the first appointment)… and I almost never feel that hungry… except late at night… when I should be sleeping anyways!

I know it does not sound like much, but for me… it is, as my goal is only about 12 pounds or just till I look better and can fit more of my clothes again.

I have tried so many different things… like… working out really hard, calorie diet, starvation, etc… nothing worked… barely could lose 1 pound!!

So I just wanted to tell you this, as I get ready to go to bed… I am sticking to going to bed earlier too… not 1 or sometimes 2 AM like before.

So that is my first little success story… which I wanted to share with you!!!

I am really excited about all the rest of the good things to follow!

Thank you again!