Your first step to Fit ‘n Healthy: Set your foundation

Welcome to the first step to Fit ‘n Healthy

– Set your foundation

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Feeling guilty for ‘falling off your health plan’?

Then setting up your foundation may be all it takes to keep you on track!

Aloha means love, affection, peace, sympathy, pity, kindness, mercy and compassion.

However, it also has a deeper impact on the Hawaiian culture. For the Hawaiians, there’s “The Aloha Spirit,” a unique way of living, the ultimate lifestyle, or the secret to a rich life.

‘A positive attitude, really sets the stage for a Fit ‘n Healthy life’.

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Start with a positive attitude, set up your foundation, and plan for success.

There is a popular adage often attributed to Benjamin Franklin,, “Failing to plan is planning to fail,”

The quote may sound like music to your ears but planning using these top 10 most important habits can zero in on a lifetime of top-level shape and wellness.

Welcome to your 10 Natural Laws of Health – the most important habits for a lifetime of living Fit ‘n Healthy

A good first step to Fit ‘n Healthy!

Principle 1: Drink enough clean water

Benefits: Water provides your body with oxygen and increases your energy levels. It also normalizes your body weight by assisting in 1-3 well-formed bowel movements per day. And, it aids in the expulsion of toxins!

Aim to drink one liter of filtered water for every 50 lbs of body weight.

Drink more if you are: breastfeeding, in extreme heat, doing extreme sport or detoxifying.

Make sure your water is filtered water! Installing a water filter in your home, or having your water delivered, is a smart way to invest in your health. Many agree that the process of reverse osmosis (RO) produces the best drinking water available today. Unfortunately, reverse osmosis also removes beneficial minerals.

Therefore, if you were to use an RO system, make sure these minerals are restored in your daily diet.

Principle 2: Be mindful

Benefits: Slowing down and paying attention to your day- to-day activities helps you live in the moment. Having this awareness connects you with inner wisdom, and listening to your inner wisdom keeps you on track to ‘fit ‘n healthy’!

Principle 3: Practice good nutrition

Benefits: By following our traditional diet and eating 2-3  meals a day. Have each meal contain a mixture of nutrient-dense proteins, fibrous rich carbohydrates, and fats high in omega 3 each day. You’ll keep your mind and body strong, and your waistline lean.

Remember to only eat until you are 80% full (1).

Do you ever notice that your meal taste incredibly good when you are really hungry?

Do you also notice that the very same meal loses its flavor after you eat it for a while?

This is your signal to stop eating. Your body is telling you it is full. Also, try to stop eating two hours before bedtime to keep your digestive tract healthy.

Traditional diets maximize nutrients while modern diets minimize nutrients (2)

Traditional Diets VS Modern Diets


  • Food from fertile soil Foods from depleted soil
  • Organ meats over muscle meats Muscle meats, few organs
  • Animal fats Vegetable oils
  • Animals on pasture Animals in confinement
  • Dairy products raw and/or fermented Dairy products, pasteurized
  • Grains and legumes soaked/fermented Grains, refined, extruded
  • Bone broths MSG, artificial flavorings.


  • Unrefined sweeteners (honey, maple syrup)
  • Refined sweeteners
  • Lacto-fermented vegetables Canned vegetables
  • Lacto-fermented beverages Modern soft drinks
  • Unrefined salt (mineral salt) Refined salt
  • Natural vitamins in foods Synthetic vitamins added
  • Traditional cooking Microwave, irradiation
  • Traditional seeds/open pollination Hybrid seeds, GMO seeds.

Strive to eat primarily, a traditional diet.

Principle 4: Live with purpose

Benefits: We are all born with a special set of skills. When we use those skills to help someone or something, we are living with purpose.

Discovering your purpose can help lift depression in a heartbeat. It can give you a reason to get up in the morning – with a smile! – and provide you with energy you never knew you had.

Principle 5: Avoid exposure to outside toxins

Benefits: By reducing your body’s exposure to outside toxins, you can avoid colds, flu’s and allergy-type symptoms, plus you can considerably lower your risk of lung cancer and many other degenerative diseases.
Did you know…
70-80% of these toxins exist in your own home?

For more information, go to www.checnet.org/healthehouse/home/index.asp and click on the
“ALL NEW health eHome” link.

Principle 6: Eliminate inside toxins

Benefits: The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) reported that each of us carries an average of 250 different toxins in our tissues. Removing these toxins is an important factor in restoring health.

By doing so, we can reduce or alleviate body pain, increase resistance to colds and flu’s, improve natural energy levels and shed excess fat. We can also be proactive in preventing cancer, heart disease and other modern day diseases.

Toxin elimination can be done through exercise (sweat), emotional release, or by natural methods of drainage performed by a qualified natural health care provider.

Principle 7: Establish a good routine

Benefits: Eating, sleeping, working, and playing / relaxing at roughly the same time each day can actually enhance your sleep, help you lose weight, and even assist with cancer prevention.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute reported that disruption of circadian rhythms in mice was associated with accelerated growth of two types of malignant tumors, which suggests that our circadian clocks play an important role in controlling tumor progression. (3)

Principle 8: Get moving

Benefits: Doing some form of exercise every day helps you build muscle and burn excess fat. It also helps remove toxins and improve your mood.

Try to include exercises that improve strength, flexibility and endurance. Challenge yourself!

Strive to get outside for at least 30 minutes per day.
Did you know…
Moderate physical activity, such as walking or biking, reduces the risk of breast cancer by 20 percent – even among postmenopausal women and those at high risk for the disease? (4)

Principle 9: Get enough sleep

Benefits: Most people need 8 – 9 uninterrupted hours of sleep every night.

Sleep lets your body regenerate so you feel well. It also increases your natural energy levels so that you can perform your best. And, it helps keep you at a healthy weight!
Did you know…
Sleeping less than 6 hours a night increases your risk of Diabetes?  (5)

Sleeping deprivation can also make you fat? (6)

Principle 10: Be grateful and give thanks

Benefits: A positive mood and frame of mind helps alkalize the body. Why do I want this, you might ask? Well, for one thing, Cancer cannot live in an alkaline body. A positive spirit also promotes better digestion and absorption, and improves the overall quality of your life (and the lives of those around you).

In our busy lives, sometimes we forget to stop, think, be grateful and give thanks. Anyone can find things that are wrong in their life, but wouldn’t it be a better world if we focused on all that is GOOD?


I truly hope that you can start your first step to Fit ‘n Healthy by following these 10 Natural Laws of Health. This is how I life my life. I find it to be very grounding, keeping me on my own track to staying Fit ‘n Healthy for a lifetime.

I promised my two children, Trisston and Trae that I’d be hiking when I’m still 80 yrs old! That is what I see and want.

What do you see and want? Love to hear your comments!

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1 Over eating is known to be a MAJOR risk factor of all cancers.

2 Nourishing Traditional Diets, The Key to Vibrant Health, power point presentation by Sally Fallon Morrell,
President of the Weston A. Price Foundation

3. Journal of the National Cancer Institute May 1, 2002;94:690-697
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6.  According to Total Health Breakthroughs, in their Friday, June 4, 2010 edition, the hormone ghrelin, produced
in the intestines, stimulates appetite. The hormone leptin, made by fat cells, signals the brain when you are full. Lack of sleep causes ghrelin levels to go up – and leptin levels to go down. I suppose your body is asking you to eat more food (usually “carbohydrates”) to get you to sleep!