How to Read Your Blood Work – Michale Hartte Reveals & Walks You Through Her Own Results

How can I stay Fit n Healthy For Life? Stronger. Fitter. Faster – my new personal health goal. With already a healthy diet and lifestyle, getting my blood tested was my next step. I started to wake up fatigued and wasn’t going to use the ‘over 50 and getting older’ as an excuse. There must be […]

Cholesterol Is Down And I Have Lost 22 Pounds On Your Plan!!!

Just wanted to let you know, I had my Dr.’s appointment yesterday and my Cholesterol is down from 5.98 to 5.21… and the ratio is better. Also, when I met with my MD yesterday (Dr. Suciu), who originally recommended I look for a Nutritionist, I took my Fit ‘n Healthy book and all the supplements […]