How to Lose Weight and Get Fit n Healthy in 2019

Partied a little too much over the Christmas holidays, feel like crap and need to lose weight?

Had lots of social time and but neglected your regular exercise routine or healthy eating habits?

All is not lost!

Here are some tips to drop extra holiday weight and get back to Fit n Healthy!

I want to start by pointing out some mistakes I’ve seen people make:

Weight loss mistake #1: Chronic cardio

If you’re like most people, your goal is to get a ‘sexier’ shape. Where you feel proud and confident. Not one that leaves you looking ‘sick and skinny’.

You’ve all seen this. They’re called, skinny fats. Saggy skin, gaunt face, poor skin tone (usually a slight grey color). They usually exhibit low energy and need to constantly be fueling their body with sugary foods, caffeine and – you guessed it – cardio type exercise. Certainly not a good example of being Fit n Healthy!

What’s the problem with chronic cardio to lose weight?

Let’s stop and think.  What are you actually telling your body to do? 

Doing regular, excess cardio signals to the body to get better AT cardio. Your body is smart, so it comes up with a way to do this for you. Starting with holding onto body fat, getting rid of extra muscle and refueling with carbohydrates. 

To put it another way. You’re training your body to be efficient at running. Muscle is too heavy for the body to carry (yes, muscle weighs more than fat), so it does everything it can to drop the muscle and hang on to the fat!

Don’t get me wrong. I think cardio is great to add into your weekly exercise routine. Additionally, if you LOVE cardio that much because it makes you happy and better as a human being, then yes, by all means, keep doing it.

But if you really dislike doing long bouts of cardio and think it’s the quickest, fastest way to lose weight.  It’s not. In fact, in the long run, it actually lowers your metabolism due to the lack of muscle and sustained high cortisol release.

Along with a propensity to gain weight. 

So, if you are like most people that want a healthier, sexier shape, focusing on building muscle is your best strategy. For many reasons in which I will get to later in this blog post.

Weight loss mistake #2: Calorie restriction

Here’s the thing. You’ve just spend the past month or so eating foods you normally wouldn’t eat. Foods like pies, cakes, cookies, and bread.

Did you know that all of these foods ‘hijack your taste buds’ into eating more than you actually need. They are designed that way! Food manufacturers spend tons and tons of money to hire food scientists to manipulate the foods to ultimately have you eat more of them! That’s their primary goal!

Additionally, adding more processed foods into your diet alters your gut flora to strains of bacteria that feed off of these sugars and chemicals. You can think of them as ‘garbage collectors’.

A way to remember this is to ask yourself –  Where the bugs tend to collect? – The garbage dumps.

Basically, the more you eat sugary foods, the greater the number of these ‘garbage collectors’, the more you start to ‘crave them’. Why? Because these type of bacteria want to survive, just like you do. 

Get strong cravings that won’t go away? This may be why.

If this sounds like you, taking certain herbal combinations like Berberine Formula or Candaclear can help. 

One word of advise, if you do end up taking herbals or other supplements to knock back these sugar hungry bacteria types, take a high quality chlorella. A properly manufactured chlorella supplement acts as the sponge, to soak up the toxicity left over from the die off. Look for a chlorella supplement that is free from added wheat, starch, yeast, gluten, corn, soy, sodium, artificial coloring or flavoring, antimicrobial preservatives, dairy or animal products.

I personally use and like Chlorogen. It has the added chromium that helps to stop sugar cravings in it’s tracks. 

At the end, your best bet is to slowly get back to eating ‘real foods’ and ditching the store bought, processed foods. One meal at a time.

Before you know it, your taste buds will adjust back to what they were – without calorie restriction!

Heard about being ‘hangry’ from starving? 

Save yourself (and your loved ones) from this misery. There is a better way.

Eating until you’re 80% full and pleasantly satisfied will avoid the ‘hangry’ feeling. 



Weight loss mistake #3: Your strategy is not sustainable

We’ve all been there.

You have high hopes and dreams of getting Fit n Healthy.

You start out running out of the gate so to speak. The problem with this strategy is that it is not realistic or sustainable.

The result is – you give up. Welcome to yo yo dieting and a horrible feeling of guilt. Later even depression. 

The question you need to ask yourself is – Do you want to lose weight fast or right?

If the answer is losing weight the right way, then below are my top tips to Lose Weight and Get Fit n Healthy in 2019.

Lose Weight and Get Fit n Healthy Tip #1: Think differently

Get a Fit n Healthy Mindset.

Losing weight and keeping it off while getting fitter and healthier is a lifestyle. It’s not some extreme diet or exercise regime that you dislike which later causes you to derail your health and fitness efforts.

Start by re framing the way you look at slimming down. This means discovering a way of eating and moving that you like! There is a lot of wisdom behind the saying, The best exercise is the one you’ll do consistently’. Find what that is and do it – consistently!

Remember, this is not a race. Getting Fit n Healthy is a lifestyle. One that is enjoyed by the actions you take and the rewards you reap!

Next, tap into the WHY. Why do you really want to get Fit n Healthy?

Is it because you want to look good naked? It gives you confidence.

Maybe it’s because you want to attract a new life partner. You are tired of being alone.

Or, set a good example for your children. They learn more from what they see then what they here.

Even if it’s to avoid some sort of health condition someone close to you is suffering, whatever it is, see it, believe it, and live it. 

Be that person you want to be and take every action to be that version now.

Dive into this deep WHY every time you are tempted to sway off the plan you’ve set out for yourself. Know what you are doing and choose wisely.

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A WHY to keep on point.

And the HOW just comes easy after that!

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Lose Weight and Get Fit n Healthy Tip #2: Eat enough protein

Yes, it can be as easy as eating enough protein to lose weight and get fit.

Think of protein as a food category that turns on hormones to ‘burn fat’. Glucagon is one of these hormones. When glucagon gets released from the consumption of protein, you are setting up the stage to slim down.

Not only that, to get fit we need to build strength. When you eat protein, it breaks down into amino acids that are needed to build muscle.

Protein is also essential to assist in detoxification, and provide the building blocks for good mood. 









Had a little too many alcoholic beverages? One of the ways to help your body detoxify is to eat enough protein. 

Other ways that eating enough protein helps you lose weight is it fills you up! Try overeating a big steak. Now think about over eating a bag of chips, nuts, or chocolate bar. Which one is easier to do and which one do you think helps your physique? Yup – The steak.

A good strategy is to start eating your serving of protein first, next the veggies, then see how much appetite you have left over for the dessert.

Lose Weight and Get Fit n Healthy Tip #3: Strength train

Lifting weights signals to your body to get stronger. It does this by building muscle. 

The more muscle you have on your frame, the more you can eat and look like a god or goddess. 

Sound too good to be true?

Having more muscle on your body requires you to eat more. Body builders or fitness models know this. It’s why the days they lift weights they fuel their body with more food. This builds muscle. The days they don’t do weights, they eat less. 

A big mistake people make is following the all-to-common Eat Less Exercise More strategy. 

Think of the biggest loser. This is exactly WHY once they went back to their ‘normal lives’ and began eating enough (without starving) and exercising more moderately, it lead them down the path to getting even more overweight (then pre contest) and not being able to drop it again. Sad.

This is all because of starving to be lean and not building enough muscle to keep the metabolism happy. 

A lack of food = a lack of essential nutrients too. Nutrients your body requires to even get into ‘fat burning. But I will save that for another blog post.

Here’s a simple strategy to build sexy muscle and trim down.

Do this most of the time

Eat more Exercise More

Eat less Exercise less

Do this some of the time

Eat less Exercise More

Eat More Exercise Less

Doing so will keep your metabolic engine humming. Your energy and mood high. And your waist line smaller. 

It will keep you well nourished too. 

I truly hope this blog post has helped you. If so, please write me a comment. 

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Remember, getting Fit n Healthy is a Lifestyle. 

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Here’s to us all getting Fit n Healthy in 2019!