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Imagine this….

You’re at a backyard BBQ. A friend walks up to you, and says OMG, you’ve lost weight and look 10 years younger! Amazing! How did you do that?

In your mind, you’re thinking….

Well –

I’ve STOPPED stress eating. 

I’ve STOPPED restrictive dieting.

I’ve STOPPED worrying about my weight

Instead, I found a plan that’s simple to follow, I can eat when I’m hungry and stop when satisfied and it even allows for a delicious glass of wine, a slice of bread, or the occasional piece of cake with my kids, popcorn with the family, or ice cream when out with friends.

ALL this without guilt and feeling like a failure!

I now feel lighter, wiser, and back in control living at my ideal weight with freedom from food and not always second-guessing myself. A life I love living! 

5 Mistakes MOST people make when trying to Lose Weight

Over the span of 20+ yrs, I’ve found these 5 common mistakes most people make when trying to lose weight. 

MISTAKE #1 – Most people, when trying to lose weight, battle with their emotions and, unfortunately, it shows up around your undesirable waistline! Feeling ‘too selfish’ and ‘no one will like me if I eat differently’ or take time for myself, sets up an underlying tug-of-war with what you TRULY want. Moreover, an inner knowing that if you continue with what you’re doing, it will only get worse –  is one good example of this. 

This is what I call the ‘people pleaser’ syndrome. 

MISTAKE #2 – Your chronic stress is keeping your pounds on. Stress = high cortisol = belly fat. Because you’re a people pleaser, doing everything for everyone then suddenly finding yourself crashing, burning, unmotivated, and stressed. You’re also likely someone who stays awake at night thinking about all the things you need to do, feeling bad about something you did wrong and worse yet – you’re gaining more weight- which bugs the crap out of you! 

This is what I call the ‘rushing woman’s’ syndrome. 

MISTAKE #3 – You’re too busy with work and family to even THINK about Your Best Diet to Lose Weight. Heck is it……Low Carb? Higher Fat? Or Calories in Calories out? Intermittent or Fasting Mimicking Diet? Leaky Gut Diet? Carnivore? Paleo? Keto? Vegan? Maybe I should try the new Flexitarian Diet? It’s endless! You are NOT your neighbor, best friend, or other. You are unique. There IS no one diet that fits all. 

Worse still is the Eat Less Exercise More approach. That’s a sure and fast way to trash your metabolism and stay on your Yo-Yo rollercoaster ride for life.

This is what I call the ‘dazed and confused’ syndrome. 

MISTAKE #4 – Eating at the wrong time. This is where mindless eating and living comes into play. No matter how good your diet or exercise plan is, if you’re eating at the wrong times, you will never get to your ideal weight and keep it off. Period. 

This is what I call the ‘disconnected’ syndrome. 

MISTAKE #5 – You’re too toxic. Do you wake up tired? Have constipation or diarrhea? Maybe even Hypothyroid? Have high blood pressure? IBS? Diabetes? This is ALL a sign of toxicity and is one of THE main drivers to chronic inflammation and being overweight. 

This is what I call the ‘too toxic’ syndrome. 

If you’re resonating with any of these syndromes…

If you’re stressed, worn out, and confused. Scared that you will always be overweight without starving yourself.  The simple answer is THERE IS ANOTHER WAY!

Welcome to my Slim, Strong & Sexy Forever Blueprint

A 90 Day Blueprint for Ambitious Health Seekers Over 40 who want to Lose 20+ lbs in 90 Dayswithout giving up their favorite foods (or wine), so they can look & feel Slim, Strong, & Sexy Forever – all on their own terms. 

Find out how. 

BUT FIRST – see if you’re the right fit for this Plan…….

Who this plan is NOT for……

→ Quick fix short term solution that includes pills and diet shakes.

→ Someone who is not coachable or open to a new way to lose weight.

→ Not willing to take the day to day steps and only looking at the end result. 

→ Isn’t interested in going deeper to find the root cause of your extra weight and only likes to keep suppressing, hiding, and denying. 

Who this plan IS for

If you are tired of

→ Yo-yo dieting, losing weight only to gain it right back on again (and then some)

→ Beating yourself up with self-sabotage or ‘stress eating’

→ Strick diets that are unsustainable and plain ‘boring’

→ Being on unnecessary medications when you know there’s a better solution. 

→ Getting nowhere with the ‘Mainstream’ Diet advice 

And, instead want

√ A simple diet to burn your belly fat and keep it off for good this time

√ An easy meal plan that offers flexibility with foods and something you can follow for life.

√ A step-by-step clear path that automatically trains your body to burn fat, feel clean, and get you lean.

√ An effortless way to clean your body of its toxins, to stop inflammation, and get rid of uncomfortable water weight (puffy) retention. 

√ A Perfect Day Formula that helps you create your work-life balance, life vision, set of rules, and goal setting that all leads to transformation. 

√ A healthy lifestyle that incorporates a ‘daily routine’ so that you stay on track with ‘non-negotiables’ the KEY to it all.

√ A more complementary, natural approach to weight loss & wellness.

AND more energy than you ever thought possible!

– then you’re in the right place.

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Slim, Strong, and Feeling Sexy Over 50!

Who I am.

Hi, My name is Michale. I got into the health and fitness space over 2 decades ago, because I needed to fix my own health problems. After being disillusioned with all the marketing BS and finally figuring it out on my own, I decided to save others the time and trouble (not to mention all the pain and suffering thinking we need to starve ourselves of the foods we love and wine we enjoy) and opened up my 1-1 and group consulting services to help others have the health and body they have been searching for. 

Who I help.

I help ambitious health seekers, over 40, with a World-class, crystal clear path to losing weight and being confident with how you look and feel, so you can stop stressing and guessing and start living a more fulfilled love life (find a new one), or just live your life on your own terms. 

Are you ready to PEEL OFF your heavy layers? Slip ON your new skinny jeans? Show off your sexy shoulders? Get back to feeling good in your own skin?

Then, It’s time to get rid of the old and bring in the new YOU. 

Ya YOU! Yes, it’s time for you. You’ve been giving to everyone else, don’t you feel it’s YOUR turn now?

YES, You Can……Look lean. Feel strong, love your body again, enjoying all-day energy with my Slim, Strong, & Sexy Forever Blueprint. Think you’re too old or will fail again – think again. Check out Joanne and her success at 65 yr old. Are you next?

Wait a minute Michale – I’ve tried it all and SICK AND TIRED of the next Weight Loss this and Fat Loss that!!!!

Oh, so your answer is you’re going to give up then? My coach Craig always said, ‘What got you here, Won’t get you there’!

YES! I get it! That was me too! I was brainwashed to think losing weight meant starving, depriving, and being Hangry all the time!!! I said F**K That!!! No way hosay! 

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You see, after decades of searching for the REAL ANSWER TO LOSING WEIGHT, by eating what I liked and as much as I wanted, and not feeling like I had to spend hours in the gym or take fake supplements or foods, I found it!

I discovered weight loss has less to do with ‘sticking to a restrictive diet’

& ‘spending endless hours in the gym’, knuckle-fisting & fighting against your body,

……..and more to do with

A 9 Step Clear Path to Losing 20+ lbs in 90 Days. All you need to do is the right step at the right time. And I will be with you every step of the way to get you unstuck and keep moving ahead. 


Losing weight isn’t about giving up your life to get it.  You CAN still enjoy your favorite foods, chocolate (or even wine). 

Let me pull all your MISSING PIECES together into one simple, easy, and automatic plan to finally get your body, health, and life back on track!

For over 20 yrs, I’ve been searching for the OPTIMAL DIET & LIFESTYLE……I never stopped learning from the greats……such as Bob Proctor, Ben Greenfield, Dr. Josh Axe, Mike Mutzel, The three guys at Mind Pump Media (Sal, Adam, and Justin), The Medical Team at Seroyal (Dr. Dickson Thom, Dr. Michael Adams, Dr. Robert Abell, Dr. Nigel Plummer), Dr. Jack Kruse, Dr. Jack Tips, Sally Fallon, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, Dr. Sarah Myhill, Dawson Church, Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. David Permutter, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Sandra Kaufmann, Dan Millman, Brendon Burchard and Craig Ballantine. And many, many more!

Some big moments include…..

I feel blessed to have worked with legends such as Bob Proctor, a world-class motivational speaker, as the creator of the nutritional plan in the book, The Science of Perfect Weight, A new way of thinking, eating, and living to achieve your perfect weight’.

Bob Proctor and I after my Nutrition Talk to his followers

I have authored my own book, The Fit ‘n Healthy Plan, The healthy diet & lifestyle plan made easy! This book is ideal if you want to raise a Fit n Healthy Family. I’ve also written for countless magazines such as Alive Health, Okanagan Health & Wellness, and a regular expert for Glenmore Living Magazine.

My book, The Fit n Healthy Plan (great for families) 

My passion to help people comes from the complete reversal of a serious hormone imbalance (Amenorrhea and Osteoporosis) using the power of the right diet, rejuvenating detox, and daily routine. Fixing my mindset, tapping into my soul, and loving who I am again. 

The Hartte Family

Trae, Michale, Rheece, and Trisston

If I didn’t fix myself, I would not have met the man of my dreams, Rheece, and had 2 wonderful boys together, Trisston and Trae. 

I am driven to change the landscape with how to get and stay Slim, Strong, & Sexy Forever.

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What they are saying…..

‘Michale is well known for ‘leaving no stones unturned’ and gives a ‘full service – Nutritional and Lifestyle plan that includes a personalized diet, detoxification technique that leaves you feeling clean and lean, as well as a way to live that brings the diet and detox together’.

‘I never thought getting healthy was so easy!’ Olivia

‘I love how Michale digs deep to find missing pieces that no one else has discovered‘ Brandi

‘I owe Michale my life!’ Alex

‘This plan is so easy! I cannot believe that I have not felt deprived at all. I am sticking to the whole plan and was happy to see 4 pounds down this morning!! For me it is really about how I feel after I play (tennis). I Never feel hungry or stiff! Amazeballs!!  And I only eat when hungry. Love it all. XO Renee

Packages offerings include – 


Great for those who are serious about getting their health back and want to commit to a whole-body health and lifestyle approach. Stay accountable, have fun, and see noticeable results that last.

The ultimate coaching package starts with a thorough whole-body assessment to pinpoint your missing piece that’s stopping your fat loss efforts and optimal health. This alone is eye-opening! Can you just imagine for a moment finally understanding what’s been in the way of your health, having energy, and reaching your perfect weight?

After the initial assessment, you get an easy to follow 90 Day Blueprint to lose 20+ lbs in 90 Days + 3 months of coaching.

Your plan includes a ‘done for you’ Diet, Detox, and Daily Routine that you’ll use as our blueprint. Simply choose from your list of meal ideas and workout plan.

All the support you need is included for optimal digestion, sleep, and stress management. Rejuvenating detox strategies are also recommended to clear away old toxic energy-draining compounds to make room for new and vibrant energy and healthy cells. 

The Plan is designed to cultivate a ‘growth mindset’ and stop any stalls or setbacks that commonly happen during times of transformation. Developing ‘mental toughness’ is the name of the game and learning this will take you far in life. It’s not what happens to you that takes you down, it’s how you handle what happens to you is the KEY to success. 

Weekly LIVE group coaching calls. All recorded in your Program Library. Michale shares the latest science-based health tips on fat loss, muscle toning, stress management, and wellness tips and opens up the lines for Q and A. Learn from others. Share what’s working for you! This is the community all in it to learn how to live a Fit n Healthy Life. Maybe even make a difference in the world. Gosh knows WE NEED IT! The kids need us. The environment needs us. The world needs more Happy and Healthy people to turn our chaos and confusion around. 

All of this keeps you on track, accountable, and fit for a lifetime. 

Monthly private 30 min one 1-1 coaching calls identify any missing pieces to quickly fix so you stay on your A-Game and healthy for life!


  • 45 min initial consult
  • Whole-body assessment
  • Personalized diet, meal plan, and recipe booklet
  • Toolkit for optimal digestion, sleep, and stress management
  • Recommended workout plan
  • Supplement review followed by recommended supplements
  • Blood test review (if you’ve had this done past 6 months).
  • Recommended customized set of detox drops (UNDAS to unblock the body for its own detox)
  • Weekly accountability email questions
  • 2-way support messaging system
  • 30 min monthly follow-ups 

Contact Michale to book a FREE 30 MIN DISCOVERY CALL for more information and get started.

QUICK START – 1 month only

Great for those who just want to try it out or need a few adjustments to their current nutrition plan. 

Same as The Ultimate Coaching Package but for 1 month.


  • 45 min initial consult
  • Whole-body assessment
  • Personalized diet, meal plan, and recipe booklet
  • Toolkit for optimal digestion, sleep, and stress management
  • Recommended exercise plan
  • Supplement review followed by recommended supplements
  • Blood test review (if you’ve had this done past 6 months).
  • Recommended customized set of detox drops (UNDAS to unblock the body for its own detox)
  • Weekly accountability email questions
  • 2-way support messaging system

Contact Michale to book a FREE 30 MIN DISCOVERY CALL for more information and get started.

‘Mondays with Michale’ COACHING MEMBERSHIP – for current clients only – ongoing

Let me take you under my wing and show you how to eat, move, and live to love the Fit n Healthy Life. This is ideal for those who want to stay on track and take a deeper dive into fat loss, muscle toning, having a growth mindset, life transformation, plant medicine, natural remedies, natural health, food prep, grocery shopping, reading labels, meal planning, anti-aging, and raising a healthy family. Have more ‘best days’!

– Weekly Group Coaching Calls for emerging tips on fat loss, muscle building and wellness. Stay motivated + on track!
– Monthly 1-1 with me for adjustments to your plan.  Avoid plateaus + setbacks!
– New Recipes to add to your Recipe Booklet. Eat in-season for optimal health.
– Full range of workouts to keep you in shape. Stay lean all year round.
– Be part of a Fit n Healthy Community! Make new friends.

Contact Michale to book a FREE 30 MIN DISCOVERY CALL for more information and get started.