How to Start Eating Healthy Again

I get it, changing your eating habits can be a tough thing to do.

Hey, I’ve been there. Why would you start eating healthy?

In fact, I was the one who ate bubblegum ice cream for dinner!


I never gave my diet any thoughtuntil one day, something happened that changed my life forever and I am grateful for it.



My Personal Story – From Fit n Healthy to Fit n NOT Healthy

I’m someone who loves to move and exercise. I love life and live for the moment. When it came to food, I never gave healthy eating any thought. I ate what was served, whatever was convenient and whichever tasted good.

I didn’t know how to cook, nor did I even want to. Isn’t daily exercise enough to keep you healthy?

Apparently not.

That poor diet of mine was how I went from fit and healthy to fit and NOT healthy.

I first began to take notice when my hormones went “out of whack.”

Then, it led to something bigger – a wake-up call that changed my life forever.

After begging my doctor to find out why my health was going in the wrong direction, she ran some tests and diagnosed me with amenorrhea and osteoporosis. Heck, I was only 32 years old!

This was the time when my bones were supposed to be at their strongest, and yet, they were at their weakest!

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The only solution offered to me was medication.

    However, that didn’t make sense to me.

I kept asking myself: “Why were my bones breaking
down and why don’t I have a menstrual cycle?”

This was when I started to think about my diet.

“What is our best diet? What do I need to change to balance
my hormones and rebuild my bones?”.


My first attempt to healthy eating was to follow what mainstream media was recommending. 

Fearing my health would deteriorate further if I didn’t do something immediately, I blindly followed what the mainstream was saying.

The result of all my efforts? I felt worse. 

Desperate, I continued to search for a solution. I finally found it and now, I am forever grateful.

I realized that healthy eating was a vital building block in attaining optimal health.

By swapping out my bad food choices for a more balanced, thoughtful approach to eating, my health issues began to melt away.

Choosing to go with a healthy diet resulted in my hormones becoming balanced again, and my bones once again began to regain their strength.

This eating healthy really worked and I was back to Fit n Healthy again!

If you are struggling with eating healthy, don’t wait like I did. Take action NOW!

5 Tips to Start Eating Healthy Again

1.) Eat a serving of protein with each meal. Doing so will help you feel satisfied and satiated, so you won’t be tempted to grab that sugary snack. Feel free to reach out for best protein sources by contacting me here Contact me

2.) Add a handful of veggies to most of your meals. Try new veggies – ideally grown locally and in season – for highest nutrient value and to add color to your plate. Pay attention to how much more energy you get by eating more veggies. Being mindful of this will keep you on the healthy track. 

3.) Replace all sugary drinks with sparkling mineral water or herbal tea. Add in freshly squeezed lemon, lime, and stevia for added flavor. This is a great way to lose that extra belly fat and feel back in control of your health. Instead of IT (bad habits) controlling you. This is powerful stuff!

4.) Eat on smaller plates. If you are someone who feels they need to finish everything put on their plate, then a great strategy is to choose to eat from a smaller plate. It really does work! This tricks your brain into thinking that you’ve eaten enough. Overeating is very stressful to your body. A good practice is to eat until you are 80 percent full.

5.) Choose probiotic-rich foods. Consume probiotic foods like kefir as part of your breakfast, and either kimchi or sauerkraut with your dinner. Probiotic foods like these help to keep your bowels
clean, and they help you stay healthy over the winter season, and slim for the holidays.

Besides these suggestions above, make sure to keep your water intake to at least two liters a day. In fact, for best health practices, start your day with one liter before your first meal. Doing so will sharpen your brain, trim your waistline, and keep your hunger at bay.

Like these quick tips to start eating healthy again?

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